It’s A Christmas Miracle


Well, Christmas is near and it’s that time of the year when, you know, miracles are more bound to happen. It’s around the Christmas holidays that we talk more about miracles, we think more about miracles and maybe we even expect one to appear in our lives.

But first thing is first. What is a miracle? We normally think it’s something that can happen only with Divine intervention, something that seems otherwise impossible. We talk about miracles when someone recovers from a severe illness or survives a plane crash or finds a long lost path. We pray for miracles to happen in our lives — when it comes to our health and our family or our love life.

But what about our professional lives? Should we expect miracles in that area as well or is it all just about work? One thing is for sure — we don’t often get the term thrown around so much in the business environment.

Believe in miracles

So it’s not very common to look for miracles at work. But it’s not that weird if you do. Sometimes people choose to believe in miracles no matter what they are up against and where. But what these people know and practice is that it can’t be a simple act of God. Not without our own involvement and commitment.

Many of us are demanding miracles from the universe for our business, because we just believe it’s time. Yet sometimes we forget the most important thing of all — we need to create and attract these miracles to us. We have to lose the totally disruptive feeling that the others are holding back miracles in our lives. Because in reality, nothing and no one can stop you from becoming who you want to become and doing what you think is right. Well… no one except you.

All these in mind, it’s time to answer the question — What can we consciously do to cause miracles in our business? Here’s 7 ideas:

1. Set your goals clearly

Many of us want great things to happen to us, but we don’t know what exactly. We want to be successful, but we don’t have a clear image of what success should look like on us. If you are among these people, start by making order in your head and organizing your plans and ideas so that you know with clarity what you want and what you don’t want. It’s a fair start, don’t you think?

2. Why do you want it?

They say miracles come to those who deserve them. So we can imagine we need to be moral and ethical about our business and the same about our goals. So besides setting up what we want for the future we should ask ourselves why we want those things. This way we will make sure they are properly selected for our specific field of activity and place on the market and also we will double check that the goal doesn’t serve some egotistical, damaging or wicked purposes. Don’t just think about why, make sure you really feel it.

3. Be true to your desires

As long as you have set your mind and heart to follow a certain line down your business path, try as much as possible to stay true to it. You should acknowledge the fact that there will be challenges and hard times and commit that, whatever happens, you will still believe in your work and in your powers, that you will still believe that miracles are possible.

4. Be open to miracles

We all want miracles to happen, but it’s not rarely that we don’t even recognize them. Because we are not in fact open to receiving miracles into our lives. In order to do that, we need to first be open to new ideas and opportunities. The signs that we have to interpret are also something we need to be able to actually see. And we mustn’t forget that we have to also act, while being open to receive the help we will need along the way — no one can do it all by himself. Don’t fool yourself — the universe doesn’t just drop bags filled with money on your doorstep. If you feel like a miracle is about to happen, open your mind and soul to receive it and keep up the good work.

5. Schedule time to quiet your mind every day

In Buddhism, the state of Nirvana is attained when one can quiet their mind completely so that the divine powers can penetrate the mind and show themselves to that person. To put it in business talk, it would mean to be able to release all the tension, thoughts, concerns and plans, and just be in the present and receive the revelation of a new, widely successful product you will launch on the market and get rewarded for it. Kinda like this :)

In practice, we don’t really need to struggle for revelations (although we honestly wouldn’t mind one or two), but we could use some peace and clarity of mind. One idea we’ve seen work is to schedule some daily time for meditation, yoga, jogging or whatever takes the edge off of a busy day.

6. Be ready to invest

In search of a miracle, we need to be prepared to give it a lot too. So be ready to invest, not just time and money, but also your full energy into your business. Then again, you should know that the easiest way to succeed is to have all your thoughts, belief system and actions perfectly aligned. This way they will complete each other and move you into the same desired direction.

7. Today is the day

Miracles don’t wait around for us. There is this theory that great ideas flow about into the Universe and whoever is more open and better-prepared to grab one, gets to ‘have it’ and change their lives. So at any point you should be learning and moving forward to fulfill your dreams. You should wake up every morning grateful for what you have and ready to take one more step toward your biggest goals.

A shift

People often wonder why things happen to them — good or bad (mostly bad). We wonder why we are being punished and why we can’t get what we want. But maybe we should see the situation differently — maybe we should imagine that the Universe is organizing and correcting stuff so that at the right time it will bring you what you need most. Admittedly, it’s rather difficult to see the Universe as a Friendly companion whose purpose is not to sabotage your every move, but to make sure you learn and receive your proper rewards.

So after all, believing in miracles is just a shift in perception, a change of how we look at a situation. It’s the willingness to see things differently. The really nice thing though is that it all starts in your head, with a thought, and in your heart, with an enthusiastic beat. Just try changing the What if it doesn’t happen into This will happen because I deserve it.

This Christmas, TRISOFT sends you the merriest wishes of peace, kindness, happiness and success. May you receive all the miracles you dream of! And may you share the joy and spread the love!