Looking Beyond the Pandemic: How to Reclaim Your Business in 2021


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5 min readMay 10, 2021


After a year with numerous social, economic and health challenges, we are finally starting to see a light glowing at the far end of this dark and lonesome tunnel. Vaccine rollouts, the results of lockdown measures and innovations in the treatment and prevention of the disease are showing us that life might start getting back to normal in the near future.


Last year didn’t give us any choice: travel, tourism, events and gathering were banned, therefore everyone was forced to regroup and adapt. Whereas some barely survived this shift, there were many who thrived during this period and will think twice about going back to the old way of doing things. Good, visionary entrepreneurs need to assess what they did well or wrong during this time and plan what measures they should take from now on.

Although e-commerce and digitalization represented the main focus in 2020, in-person and face-to-face interactions will begin to regain ground this year. People have missed socializing, meeting physically in the same place and communicating without the aid of Zoom or Skype. The majority will be drawn to this type of business, therefore companies must be able to identify each person’s preference and adapt to their specific needs.

The sky’s the limit

Virtualization and digitalization will continue to be necessary, so it’s a good idea to also have a back-up plan, in case the pandemic will go on or turn into a new way of doing things that requires an online presence and the use of technology. Correlate your brand culture and history with the Internet era and try to compose a new identity, as well as a modern advertising and marketing campaign. Strive to create deep, meaningful relationships with potential clients by offering personalized messages, products and feedback options that can be delivered anywhere and anytime. Buy quality equipment and devices, contact people and make sales via Zoom, Facebook or other apps and be ready to go international.

The sky is the limit in this virtual era. Take advantage of all the tools available online, such as podcasts, social media posts, videos, tutorials and live events. Embrace virtual reality and cryptocurrency or at least be up-to-date with what they mean and how you can use them to your advantage. Be disciplined and consistent in creating your content, invite experts and specialists to talk about important subjects, document every solution you provide and develop a network of people to help and support you. Build up your visibility and credibility, so that people will be able to find you easier on Google and recommend you to other people. However, don’t lose sight of reliable, old-fashioned ways of reaching people: emails and telephone calls are the simplest and safest ways to get in touch and many people still rely on them and prefer them as opposed to the newer, trendier communication means.

Going back?

Nevertheless, when you think about going back to the physical world, there are a few key aspects to take into consideration. The pandemic was a life-changing event for the entire planet and it will take some time before we fully return to what is considered “normal”. Or maybe we will have to adapt to a new normality; nobody knows what the future has in store, but we should be prepared for a few different versions of the future.

2020 has filled us all with uncertainty and fear, therefore everyone wants and expects security. It’s a natural response and it refers to aspects such as finances, child care, sick leave, health concerns and other things pertaining to family care and personal wellbeing. Every company will have to evaluate and improve its social, professional and medical safety net. Precautions and restrictions will still need to be enforced, although on a smaller scale, so that everyone feels safe and protected at work.

Furthermore, people are social beings and the pandemic has been debilitating in terms of personal communication and group activities. People crave opportunities to be with others, share ideas and interests, feed off one another’s energy and transmit thoughts and plans directly, without the mediation of an app or a device. Meetings, team buildings and other events will need to be organized, while observing the legal requirements at that particular time, people’s concerns and everyone’s state of physical and mental health.

Last but not least, travels will explode after such a long period of not being able to wander very far from home. Workers will be keen to travel for business purposes or take more vacations to visit faraway places. Managers who understand and facilitate this desire and need will keep their employees happy and loyal.

We will be fine

At TRISOFT we believe it’s only wise to keep our heads up and look toward the future with hope and serenity, because eventually things will return to normal. The purpose of a business’ reinvention or remodeling will be what reliable companies have always wanted: a safe environment, where people can perform and enjoy their work, collaborate with their colleagues and achieve the goals of their organizations.

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