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Time and again, experience has shown us that starting a business isn’t a mysterious process, which has to be synchronized with the optimal moment for doing so, the market conditions and the political climate, but rather a simple and efficient solution to a nagging problem that someone might have.

If you’re looking for a business idea, stop googling the topic and just think about your practical, everyday encounters and events.

Find the problems

Is there something really annoying or insufferable that you have to do over and over again? Maybe you hate dealing with the traffic when taking your kids to school or picking them up from classes. You are surely not the only one, and other parents might benefit from a sort of carpooling service that you set up for your neighborhood or your town. Do you or your neighbors have terrible experiences with mechanics, plumbers or other handymen? Why not create a platform or an app that will reunite those in need with great professionals, who have outstanding reviews from the community?

Come up with solutions

Listen to the complaints that people around you express and think of solutions that might help them and bring you some extra income. Imagine a better method for doing certain things — making them more efficient, less expensive or more enjoyable. Discover niche groups, survey them regarding their biggest challenges and desires and try to fit the service or product you offer to their specific needs. Niche clients are likely to be the best paying ones, since there are not many providers who can cater to their desires.

Take a look at your current or past job. What were employees complaining about the most? What would you have liked to make more efficient or how would you have liked technology and the latest developments to help you in your career? How could the people you were working with become better at what they did? Try to set up a company that offers training courses for employees or coaching and consulting services for the leadership board. Think of out-of-the-box approaches to a certain domain that the company dealt with and create your own start-up that addresses the same problems, with better and more innovative results. Or else, you can use similar services and processes in a different market or industry.

Scan the media, the Internet and society in general for trends — what’s the latest fad within a certain age group or social circle? Whether it’s gadgets that help you kill time or chase away boredom, apps that make your life easier or more organized, fashion styles or must-have items, detect them and find out as much as you can about them. Read, document everything you can find and become a specialist in the respective domain. Then, you can invent new items that follow the same trend, start a new movement or simply anticipate what the next craze will be and get ahead of the game.

Use your assets

Identify your own strengths and passions and build on them. Are you a sports enthusiast, a healthy eater, an awesome cook or a motivational person? You can turn each of these traits into self-standing careers: start a blog, write a book, create a company dealing with these areas of expertise or offer coaching to those interested.

Train your brain to become an idea generating machine: make a habit of writing down a few ideas on a certain topic, each day. They don’t have to be business ideas, they just have to get you started in the direction of focusing on a single subject. This way, your brain will be forced to become more creative and organized. After you get the hang of it, you will automatically start producing ideas every time you meet a problem that needs solving: what would be the five best ways to learn a foreign language quickly, to lose weight, to sell vacations, to make cooking more enjoyable?

If all else fails, take a well-known, successful story and think about making it work in a completely new domain: what would be the Uber of gardening? The Netflix of journalism? The Airbnb of medical care? Think about what made them work, how you could break down the process into smaller steps and apply the system to your domain of choice.

Start now

At TRISOFT, we think that determining what you want to do is the first step toward success. Yes, there will be a lot of research, work and dedication involved in the process, but eventually, the results will make it all worthwhile. You can find inspiration at every corner, and if you are willing to assume the risks, there is no better time to start than now!

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