We are a Romanian full service web agency offering custom software solutions for clients all over the world. Our clients are from US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Austria, France, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Thailand​ and Romania.​

We have been around for a while and we intend to be around for a good deal longer. TRISOFT has a decade of experience and has by now developed over 100 projects.

TRISOFT offers their expertise in:

Symfony & PHP development

⌾ Javascript development

⌾ Mobile application development for iOS and Android

⌾ QA services (web, iOS and Android apps testing, browser matrix compatibility, performance testing, behavior-driven testing)

⌾ UI/UX services

⌾ Consultancy and strategy planning for startups

Also, when it comes to product development management, we are experienced users of the Scrum development framework, to which we have added a personal touch. Hence, our extensive, experienced team will be able able to provide sprints of 2–10 days, as opposed to the average 14–30 days offered by our competitors.

Our clients appreciate our ability to provide not only the development of their apps, but also our full support related to the multiple aspects of software engineering: analysis & planning iterations, research, technical architecture, QA, software launch, DevOps, maintenance and project management. Therefore, throughout the main steps of a typical project development cycle — Planning, Technical architecture and design, Development, QA, Live Launch — TRISOFT will ensure a smooth transition from your initial idea to the product you’ve been dreaming to have. And that is not all — as a last step of the process, we will be there for you to plan further iterations of your product, in order to constantly improve it, adding new features that will extends its market value.

What we do?

Add value to your business through our dedicated web developers who specialize in Symfony, PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, our UI and UX developers, our native mobile developers specialized in iOS and Android, and project managers.

TRISOFT offers quality products and services, backed up by rock-solid business partnerships. All of TRISOFT’s clients are ambitious, budget-oriented, highly demanding entrepreneurs. Throughout the projects we’ve developed for them, skills and flexibility were two key-assets. We are offering the best technical solutions at competitive prices.

You can have a taste of our expertise from the below reference-proof case studies on some of our recent projects:

Vacatia — Hospitality Industry

Task: developing a complex web application for buying, selling and renting resort listings

Result: a user friendly and yet very complex, trustworthy, web app: Vacatia is praised by Los Angeles Times because it „makes it easy to buy & sell timeshares”. One month after launch, it already managed to attract over 5000 listings and the partnership of TripAdvisor.

Our input: web development, QA, UI/UX, DevOps, web design, maintenance

Tools used: Symfony, PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, git, Solr, Redis, AWS, Behat

Store Vantage — platform for online appointments

Task: to develop the CRM, the booking scheduler, the automatic appointments reminders and give shape to the feedback system.

Result: a platform for an efficient and easy to use appointments management tool, that facilitates online scheduling for clients, customer management for business owners, and customer outreach as a personal touch to making the client — service provider relationship a great one

Our input: web development, QA and maintenance.

Tools used: Symfony, PHP, Propel ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, git AWS, Gearman, capistrano, Redis and we’ve ensured Stripe & Wix integration.

Client feedback:

Benjamin Gonzales | Director at Store Vantage
“Radu [CEO at TRISOFT] was very organized, consultative, and approachable. He and his team were responsible for several major initiatives and projects and always came through. I very much appreciated the value they added to our company and would highly recommend again to anyone.”

FastPortal — SMB support services area

Task: developing a professional self-service web portal

Results: is the perfect tool for small & medium businesses to provide their clients with an interactive internet service: workflow management, communication, file sharing, invoicing

Our input: web development, web design, QA, UI/UX, DevOps, maintenance, project management

Tools used: Symfony, PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, WebSockets, git, AWS, capistrano, Behat

Client feedback:

Rik Visser | Founder at FastPortal
“Radu and his team at TRISOFT have made our life so much easier. His team was instrumental in getting FastPortal off the ground. Most importantly the team is large enough to have all the competencies required to build great apps (backend, frontend, database, AWS, etc), but it is not so big that I ever felt like <just another client>”

Mclowd — Financial Services and Consultancy

Task: developing a marketplace for Australian SMSF services

Results: a web app that provides price competitive financial services to Australian SMSF clients. offers flexibility to SMSF Professionals, significant cost savings for clients (up to 70%), security (the personal information is protected by 256-bit encryption on AWS architecture and cloud storage)

Our input: web development, web design, QA, UI/UX, DevOps, maintenance, project management

Tools used: Symfony, PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, git, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS, capistrano, Behat

Client feedback:

Ashley Porter | CEO at Mclowd
“TRISOFT successfully translated commercial goals into high quality technical outcomes in a very cost-effective manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”


Fresh, friendly and bold, the TRISOFT brand stands out against the crowd. Due to the smooth and efficient working process developed by TRISOFT, our clients can work very closely to our development+marketing team, this way ensuring that the product will meet the client’s needs and expectations.

We offer fast, quality solutions to rock solid startups. Innovation and progress are the two most important things about a startup business. By using the Lean Startup concept, you — our next, great, possible client — will have the kind of freedom to juggle with your goals and be the change you want to be. At TRISOFT, we are applying the Lean Startup principles for our clients’ projects, and internal products as well.

Our talented, creative, young people are those who have created the flexible and comfortable work environment at TRISOFT. This team consists of the smartest (for real!) software engineers, UI/UX designers, QA people, content writers, Project Managers, HR and Marketing specialists, all coming together under one primary objective — to provide high quality software services to demanding customers all around the globe.

No matter the job title, we like to invest in our people and provide them with the tools and support their need in order to make them feel appreciated and secure, efficient and able to handle all situations that may occur in developing complex projects. We found this is the right path to having dedicated, happy & creative employees.

We are startup-friendly, as many of our projects are represented by now successful startup businesses. Our personalized, customer-oriented after-sales services keep them coming back, thus most of our clients — which we reserve the right to select — become medium to long-term business partners. Some of their feedback, which you will be able to review above, is proof enough for anybody that we are just like the business we are offering — fast and reliable.

Contact us and let’s develop your MVP!


On an ever competitive market, TRISOFT will offer you exactly what you need and more. Our team will spare no efforts and put their skills and expertise to good use in order to help your business grow.

Either if you’re a Romanian company looking for a trustworthy business partner or a foreign company looking to outsource your software development to one of the best, our recommendation — wholeheartedly — is to choose TRISOFT.

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