Not everyone is born a leader, but anyone can become one

Feb 13 · 6 min read

To be or not to be… born a leader? Are leaders born or made? These are the questions.

There are some theories that put the innate factor first and others that postulate our ability to become leaders. Reality has shown us tough, that there are in fact three categories: those who are indeed born leaders, those who simply aren’t ever going to be very good leaders and then there’s the middle category — where the vast majority of us lies. And this is precisely where the real potential for becoming a leader can be found.

From within this vast pool of wannabe Lion-Kings, through the process of teaching, learning, practice, observation and experience over time, true leaders arise.

So, what does it take? How do you know you can become a leader? And most of all, how do you become a great leader, not just a good one?

We’ve discovered there are 6 main pillars of leadership wisdom.

Let’s check them out.

1. Be confident

Showing confidence is a thing of the nonverbal communication more than the verbal one — more than half of human communication comes from nonverbal cues. But being confident is a must for a leader, so if you haven’t already, you should start today by practicing strong nonverbal communication — standing tall, making eye contact and learning to control your fidgeting.

Confident leaders are the best kind. Confident leaders win over their followers because it inspires people to do the same.

2. Be honest

Rumor has it that successful business leaders aren’t the most honest men out there, but this isn’t what we have learned about true leaders. Dishonesty goes hand in hand with pretend-leaders, that’s all. And that is because every one of your followers looks at your level of honesty and ethics code and respond in accordance.

When you are honest and you treat people just the way you expect to be treated back, you will cultivate honesty and integrity. And that will propagate to your staff as well — because in order to make perfect sense, each member of your team needs to line up with your core expectations. So make sure they follow the same ethics „rules” as you do.

3. Inspire

A true leader does not only open his/her eyes to novelty and innovation, but is himself/herself a figure of inspiration. So if you want to reach wild success you should definitely hone your leadership vision and communicate it to the others around you.

Inspiration is essential and pushes people to overcome difficult times and also accompanies people on their way to accomplish their goals when times are not all that difficult and challenging. Inspiration is a true must-have in leadership.

4. Interact with your people

Being a leader means learning how to work with people. And for people. It is less about being boss and more about coaching, teaching and guiding. A leader is so much more than just a manager. It’s the one who is able to open up new paths and engage people on new trajectories.

What to do? Be sincere in your interaction with your people, become familiar with your employees’ talents and limitations and give them the tools and encouragement they need to succeed. Listen to them. Encourage them. Respect their efforts and ask questions to get a feeling for what truly motivates them.

5. Be the change you wish to see

This saying has become quite old style lately, and a bit overused. But call it as you wish, a leader will always need to set the right example for people to follow. Leading by example is the best way we can educate our kids and the best way we can make the best changes for our business.

So next time you want something done in a certain way, rather than telling people what to do, show them the behaviour you expect from them. This way you will have more engaged, happier employees and clients.

6. Speaking of change, embrace it!

And one of our favorites — embrace change! Being a leader means knowing and accepting that nothing is forever. Even liking the idea :) Change is a given in anything we do in life. In business, change brings with it opportunities and challenges more than it brings trouble.

So be flexible, be adaptable, enjoy change when it comes and from time to time search for it yourself — it will be worth it.

Misconceptions About Leadership

Like so many other things, leadership has its own myths and misconceptions. We found 3:

1. You cannot be a leader if you aren’t in an authority position.

False! You can be a leader if you are a manager, but if you are a leader you don’t have to be a manager as well. Setting positive examples, guiding the people around you, being their voice when the situation arises — that is the job of a true leader, no matter his daily job description.

2. You cannot be a leader if you are an introvert.

False! Character traits are so different in people that we simply cannot put a label on it and say that introverts aren’t good leaders. Sometimes, thinking more on the inside than on the outside proves even more beneficial than we think. Introverts aren’t masters of public speech, but that doesn’t mean they cannot guide and inspire people toward great goals.

3. If everyone is a leader, who will follow?

False! The truth is, nobody leads in everything. The best leaders have their „specialties” and also, they step in and out of their role as leader gracefully.

The verdict

The best estimates offered by research is that leadership is about one-third born and two-thirds made. How does this reflect into real life? Well we can consider that leadership is a set of innate traits, completed by another set of qualities that are refined and perfected in time, with education, training and experience.

At , we believe being a leader isn’t usually a job that you find, but rather one that finds you. Although is not easy, it has a certain je ne sais quoi that draws one like a moth to a flame. As a leader, you need to make smart decisions about products and services, marketing, financing, and other operational issues, but you also have to maximize the full potential of your employees. A lot to do, but allow us to let you in on another little secret — leadership skills are great even for those who don’t want to lead. All the qualities we have depicted above will serve you well no matter your position at a job and in your personal life — you will be ready to step in, lead and make things smoother and better for many other people.

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