Skills That You Need to Develop for a Hybrid Workplace

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5 min readSep 1, 2021


Along with the changing conditions and circumstances in the current global situations, a new option has come into focus for businesses all across the world: the hybrid workplace. This is a system designed to provide workers with all the necessary tools for working both in-office and remotely.

Temp or perm?

The shift has proven its efficiency and advantages in a very short while, which is why company leaders are considering turning it into a permanent variant. For organizations, reducing costs with rent, commute and travel expenses, office supplies and utilities is a major benefit. Moreover, it helps protect the environment by reducing pollution and saving energy.

On the other hand, employees also prefer it, since it gives the so-much coveted flexibility and freedom that standard workspaces lack. People have the option of coming into the office or remaining in the comfort of their homes, logging in from a faraway location or even a vacation destination, which greatly increases personal satisfaction and thus, professional productivity.

It might get difficult

However, certain things are more difficult to accomplish if people do not meet face-to-face. Solving conflicts, brainstorming sessions and uniting the team are harder to do over video conferences or other means of virtual communication.

And since the hybrid workplace seems to not be simply a passing trend, people should invest more time and energy into becoming better prepared and equipped for this type of job. A new kind of work implies various skills and techniques which, if not possessed, should be learned, and if possessed, should be refined and cultivated.

1. Emotional intelligence

First of all, it seems that emotional intelligence is an essential factor for anyone who wants to connect with people and maintain relationships. It’s not necessarily an ability that one is born with, but rather a talent that can be developed with consistent effort. When we communicate over Skype or Zoom, we have to pay attention to our tone of voice, inflections and the terms we use, trying to be as aware as possible of how we come across to others.

Misinterpretation and misunderstandings are leading factors for office feuds or issues. That is why it’s important to present the context and stress out what we really mean to say, making sure that things have been clarified and everyone has understood the bottom line. Emotional intelligence also helps us understand how our words and actions might affect others. It influences our capacity to balance relationship management with business leadership and cooperation. For example, it enables us to use empathy and to focus on the accuracy and transparency of our communications and interactions. In order to build up this skill, we must try to be aware of our own emotions and at the same time, put ourselves in the shoes of others, in order to see the situation from both points of view. With time and practice, anyone can end up better understanding and managing people’s emotional states and interpersonal issues.

2. Good leadership and influence

Secondly, through good leadership and influence, you can create a positive impact over the people you work with or who work for you. Developing fundamental management traits, diminishing weaknesses and learning to inspire others through the power of example will go a long way toward helping your peers or employees cope with the transition toward the hybrid workplace. Leadership isn’t only a title or a position, but rather the capacity to understand what people need in order to be successful and providing them the necessary tools that speak to their purposes and motivations.

Leadership is contagious, therefore a proactive and dedicated attitude will catch on, and coworkers will begin helping and influencing one another for the better. Working from home and the lack of personal interaction can start to take its toll at some point, therefore modeling a pattern of in-office meetings, with safety rules observed, once in a while, will go a long way toward boosting morale and increasing efficiency. If one leads, others will follow, so make sure you lead well and toward positive results.

3. Take the initiative

Last but not least, try to take the initiative and make the shift toward staying relative in the workforce as much as possible. Things are changing, and changing fast, so it’s really easy to become obsolete or no longer needed. Creativity and innovation have to be encouraged and cultivated, so that anyone gets a chance to state their opinion, come up with new ideas, implement novel products or processes and bring new life into the company.

New working locations, such as one’s home, a public park or a tourist destination can bring a breath of fresh air into people’s lives, which will ultimately reflect into their increased productivity, motivation and dedication. Any change of scenery generally entails a transformation within, which yields positive results in all aspects of one’s life.


At TRISOFT we believe that when we make a conscious effort to develop these skills, we can create a positive feedback loop. We become better at solving problems and learning proactively, controlling our emotional impulses, which stand in the way of listening to others, and we become better equipped to work constructively as a team.

A high-performing and united team will always achieve outstanding accomplishments.

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