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Our world is continuously changing — its environment, its people, its workplaces. The skills that used to be important in order to succeed have become obsolete and other ones have taken their place. The modern workplace is populated by modern workers, also known as millennials.

Millennials are a generation that thrives on change. The average number of careers in the life of a millennial is no less than four. There is nothing a millennial wouldn’t dare try in order to stand out in this highly competitive global workforce.

And no matter the field of career chosen, here are TEN skills that will make a difference for you.

1. Be your own sales person

In an era where everything is about marketing, promotions and sales, any respected millennial must have at least the basics of sales in his bloodstream.

Whether it’s your skills, your products or services, you brand or you as a professional you need to learn how to talk yourself up at any moment of the day and night. Here is step 1, one of the keys to gaining recognition — always be selling!

2. Know people

This is a skills that needs constant care and energy investment. How you relate to others will be the first step in building a relationship with them. Whether is one of trust and respect, it’s mainly up to your ability to understand where someone is coming from, what their visions and desires are and how you can integrate all these into a solid future.

So do your best to listen to people, analyze their ways and be as much of a psychologist as you can.

3. Be confident

It’s needless to say that without confidence, little can be achieved. Millennials are one trustful generation, if you ask us. They are bold, they are well educated and they know that if your mind is set on something, you will obtain it with hard work and determination.

So be confident, be positive, take initiative and this way you will overcome any obstacles that might cross your way.

4. Be a king of social media

In fact, millennials are already kings of social media. The virtual life is their second mother tongue. However, there is a difference between just surfing around in the virtual space and actually putting social media to good use for our business progress.

Also, it is important to know the no-no-es of the use of social media in business. Being aware of what is not appropriate to do or even possibly illegal is essential.

5. Develop your emotional intelligence

However important the digital world has become, one thing any millennial needs to remember is that real human interaction will always be primordial. So try not to get lost in the web of virtual relationship at the cost of real connections.

Use your tools smartly — your email, instant messaging and other web platforms — but remember to cultivate your emotional intelligence as well. Millennials need to understand the limitations of these digital platforms and learn how to communicate most effectively in real life.

6. Learn how to save

This may really be something a millennial should learn to do. Because by their nature, millennials are live-in-the-moment people and their focus is mainly on the short term.

So in order to plan your business journey professionally, don’t forget to make room for the future. Learn how to put money aside — through any method you might consider fit and save for investments and difficult times.

7. Take risks

Staying within the boundaries of a comfort zone is not the way to go for a successful millennial. So we can’t emphasize this enough — be willing to take risks, but don’t fail to calculate your chances from time to time.

Rewards will follow if you are wise about this!

8. Be good at something in particular

Knowing everything and not knowing anything really is a thing of the past. Nowadays there’s nothing spectacular about having a million talents. What is indeed rare is having one great talent, something that will make you most-wanted on the hiring market.

So be on the watch to find your best quality and make it into a skill that will blow your competition away.

9. Cultivate work ethic

They say all is fair in love and war. We don’t really know about that, but certainly all isn’t fair in business. Be sure that, as confident and emotionally intelligent as you are, as fast-paced and bold as you are, you will also take the time to consider work ethic. Because nothing is worse than a good professional with a bad work ethic reputation. And nothing is finer than a good professional with great ethics.

10. Travel

The life of a millennian is anything but boring. And what can be more enriching and culturally abundant than travel?!

From our point of view, the most powerful source of energy and information is travel, because it gets you places and situation that will entice your senses and will maintain your curiosity level high.


As Millennials, we have been blessed with a toolkit for success. All the above hints are part of this precious toolkit, that once owned, it will give you strength and clarity. The world needs exceptional communicators with technical competencies, and so do the companies looking to hire.

The world needs millennials for all these. And millennials need to understand and then actively set aside the stereotypes of the past generations and bring their own worth to the business climate.

At TRISOFT, we strongly believe that a positive attitude, great communication skills — virtual and real world — courage and determination are the future of the workforce; let’s be prepared.

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Remote Symfony Team

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