Technological Trends that 2021 Has in Store for Small Businesses

Feb 1 · 5 min read

Owners of small businesses should always strive to find new ways of improving their companies. Whether we are talking about a small startup or a market leader that sets the pace for innovation and success, the advantages of technological breakthroughs and developments can take them to the peaks of prosperity.

Here are some of the ways in which they can grow their trade, improve efficiency and protect their company.

1. Further embracing technology and AI

Today’s business world is so connected through all kinds of technological devices and platforms that it’s almost impossible to imagine a company surviving alone, without communicating and sharing ideas with others. Daily operations involve big data and the aid of artificial intelligence. Society as a whole has adopted technology into everyday life, at an unprecedented speed, therefore businesses must keep up and integrate high-tech solutions, which are also more cost-efficient, quicker and safer.

However, the human aspect will never disappear, therefore the new technologies must be personalized so as to fit each partner, client or supplier, thus maintaining a personal and satisfactory relationship.

2. Drawing in influencers

Marketing on social platforms is usually done through paid collaborations with stars and well-known personalities in all kinds of domains. Promotional and branded content is a large part of online advertising. Unlike traditional publicity, such as TV ads, which shows you different products and services that you may or may not be interested in, online advertisement is targeted and customized, which means it shows potential customers things related to what they have been searching for or what they might need. This new age of advertising presents enormous benefits for any company, if used well.

However, very famous celebrities may be too expensive for a small business, therefore influencers with an audience of one or two hundred thousand followers should be sought and entered into partnerships with. Keep your brand active on social media and make sure that the people who advertise your product actually have something in common with it (people are unlikely to trust a racecar driver advertising a face cream, for example).

3. Offering digital healthcare

Employees need to know that their health is well taken care of, whereas employers are concerned with efficiency and security. When a worker feels ill, they have to take time off to drive to a health facility, wait in line for their turn to enter the appointment, fill out paperwork and then drive back home. Apart from this waste of time, he might also be worried about being in contact with many other people who are there for other, maybe contagious, medical issues.

Thus, it is a safer, more cost- and time-efficient option to offer everyone who needs health advice. They can see a doctor from their office or home, through video call, and any prescriptions or referrals can be sent via email. These appointments are more beneficial for the business and employees, while also providing instant access to care.

4. Adapting the human resources strategy

Companies have had to modify many of the ways in which they do things, including changing the proportion of the employees who perform their activities from home. Moving to a more dedicated HR platform could modernize responses to future crises or make remote work easier to maintain throughout the year.

Also, hiring people is a somewhat new experience now, since interviewers might never get to actually meet the person face to face, but it is also challenging for the newcomer, who will have a slightly more difficult time when trying to form a bond with coworkers or the rest of the team. The HR department will need to solve all these issues and make the best of both worlds.

5. Expanding video conferencing

Lately, companies have relied a lot on platforms or apps such as Skype and Zoom to hold their meetings and conferences. People can still be productive and socialize remotely, which are key aspects of any business. This continued reliance on digital connectivity could force companies to invest in upgrades to their technological infrastructure, which will facilitate accommodations for long-term remote and hybrid work models.

Companies need technological solutions that can support their growing requirements and evolve along with their business, so as to keep up with the continuously evolving market and circumstances.

6. Consolidating cybersecurity

The operations of big and small businesses alike will continue to move online, therefore new software solutions are being created to link together the functions of companies, allowing smoother communication across integrated platforms. Such centralization requires the enforcement of stricter safety measures.

There are a few steps anyone can take to protect a business from cyberattacks: regularly updating software, ensuring systems are safe and protected by firewalls, antiviruses and strict rules for users, reaching employees how to look out for malware and phishing campaigns, and hiring an IT expert who can monitor and trace the suspicious activities taking place on the company’s website or in the day-to-day operations.

At TRISOFT, we believe we can make our business stand out and be successful by knowing the different technological channels we can use in 2021. Companies with a comprehensive approach and knowledge of the latest tech trends are likely to outperform those that implement a simplified approach in the future.

Remote Symfony Team

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