The most clever ways to stay relevant in business


We’ve seen it in time — creating and delivering exceptional, quality services and products is great, but it’s just not enough anymore. Why? Because customers have become aware that their true value goes beyond their money. This is why in order to stay relevant, companies will have to reconsider the meaning of their relationships with the clients while providing true value in return. But how do we do that?

The change era

In a world where customers want and expect more with every minute, TRISOFT believes in change as an absolute must in order to stay relevant and keep the attention of clients alive. Change is indeed something that most businesses fear, yet they all get to experience it at some point in their existence if they want to stay competitive.

The thing with change is that it is never a one-time event. As business owners, we need to keep the fire going and be prepared for new challenges all the time, as the forces that drive change are ongoing. It is much like learning, a never-ending process if you want to improve with every opportunity that you have. And eventually, it is the only way to fight obsolescence in a business environment where a lack of willingness to adapt can quickly turn you into old news.

Let us find a few clever ways to keep your edge.

1. Keep it human

Sometimes people incorrectly define change and progress by employing an overly electronic participation to their business and leaving outside the human factor. This strategy has many times proven its damaging long-term effect and seems like, presently, the trend is going quite the opposite way. Businessmen are trying to keep the human coordinate much more active and involved and, as far as client communication and employee satisfaction are concerned, the results are more than encouraging.

2. Market your way

Keep your marketing choices fresh and fair. This means having at least one dedicated person who can constantly inspect the market for new ideas and give a new twist to your good old ways. This has everything to do with being up to date with what sells and what doesn’t, but it also has to always keep in mind your company’s prerogatives.

3. Customize

Business-wise, we need to acknowledge that along with each year that passes practices require more and more detail-orientated attention. This is how customization has lately become the new trend in town. Clients are more inclined to request and purchase products and services that have an original edge. Many big companies have increased their capacity to customize their offerings to customers and we do expect this trend to accelerate in 2016, so be prepared!

4. Stick to your knitting

However appealing novelty may be though, there are instances when rather than adapting, it’s better to pursue the same strategy that has brought you success. The trick is to correctly differentiate the places where you need to take action and those where you are better off sticking to your knitting.

5. Reward your customers

From time to time everyone deserves a little encouragement and gratitude — either if it’s for being a good, dedicated employee or for being a loyal customer. The latter has become very popular over the past few years and more and more companies are now rewarding their top customers for being there for their business. This is how we make clients feel special, so don’t forget to put this on your to-do list!

6. Stay social

This is no hot news — in order to remain relevant, making good use of social media is an absolute must. Whether you’re blogging, posting, liking or updating information about your products and services, all these will make for a lot in your marketing strategy.

7. Re-position

Another way to stay relevant is to always be on alert about your market’s dynamics. This means that from time to time you will find it more than advisable to modify and re-position your brand so that its value is well appreciated and promoted. As you change and re-brand, you will however need to face the challenge of keeping your standards high and earning credibility in the new business areas you are trying to conquer.

8. Entertain

Let’s face it, we all get distracted nowadays. It’s the disease of the century and it affects our customers as well, so we need to find some smart ways to engage the distracted ones and keep them loyal. One idea that has proved efficient is cleverly entertaining our clients — a factor that counts for a lot in any industry and through which we can retain our existing customers and attract new ones at the same time. The way in which you choose to do it is important as well, as it needs to fit your domain and of course your marketing strategies.

9. Attend and sponsor relevant events

When you want to take your business on new territory, one idea is to attend and/or sponsor relevant events. When we say relevant we mainly refer to events that are as much as possible dedicated to your field of expertise and thus which are attended by people who will be interested in your services. Such events will offer you exposure and are definitely a smart investment for the future.

Relevance dominates

One essential conclusion we have drawn from our research on the topic is that relevance dominates and in order to stay relevant in today’s global environment you need to adapt and re-adapt. At TRISOFT, we make all the necessary efforts to follow the above rules and at the same time keep a realistic judgement about our ability to innovate and grow, no matter the challenges or adversities we might encounter. We have also learned that if it is one thing that kills creativity and innovation, that is routine. Fighting routine, we have tried to overcome the limits of our endeavors and, at least this far, the results are positive in terms of employee happiness, client satisfaction and direct business profits at the same time.