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One of the most valuable assets that an entrepreneur possesses is his mind, so he must make sure to constantly cultivate, sharpen and enhance it, through all the means at his disposal. In today’s ever-changing business environment, adaptability, versatility and the curiosity to discover, investigate and learn new skills and traits are paramount. In order to keep our brains dynamic, engaged and in continuous evolution, we must constantly train and prepare it for facing new challenges and finding novel, unique solutions.

1. Keep curious

The first thing to keep in mind is that we must always strive to nurture our curiosity. This is a virtue typical of children, who are keen to find out everything they can about the surrounding world, but as time goes by, people tend to lose this inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge. Its presence throughout our lifetime is not to be taken for granted, therefore we must take steps toward cultivating and enhancing it: remember to ask “why” questions, both related to what other people do or tell you, but also concerning your own ideas and principles.

Certainty is sometimes a drawback, so we shouldn’t be afraid to question what we think we know, go back and reanalyze things or look at them from a different perspective. Deliberately seeking such opportunities and intentionally investing our energy into such an endeavor will lead to the development of our creativity, critical spirit and flexibility.

2. Read

Secondly, reading books is essential — they fill our inner world, reveal truths that were previously hidden to us and model our way of thinking in a way that no other undertaking does. Studies show that the most successful workers or managers read more than three books a month and they credit their accomplishments to the knowledge and discipline they gained through this endeavor.

There are numerous reasons for reading printed books in particular, among which an increased level of retention and the ability to build up focus. Reading a book on paper is much less interactive than reading something on a screen and the lack of distractions can create a concentration that is perfect for people who need to get in a productive zone.

3. Learn

Furthermore, going back to school might not be such a bad idea — and the term is used loosely here, since in this day and age, no one actually has to step foot inside a classroom or a school. Education is done online, virtually and from a distance, with a specialist from any other part of the world, on any platform and in any language. Thus, cultures and experiences can meet and share ideas, thoughts and views.

Lifelong learning must be a passion and a goal in itself, since only continuous work and evolution can keep us on the right path, help us advance in our careers and aid us in finding the best solutions for the most difficult problems. The most prosperous entrepreneurs are those who have an insatiable appetite for learning and are always seeking to improve.

4. Enjoy it all

In addition, it helps to keep an open mind, a positive attitude and find fulfillment in day-to-day tasks. Despite the routine and dullness of mundane activities and projects, their accomplishment leads to a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. The greatest part of one’s work doesn’t involve only new and interesting things, so we must be willing and able to deal with the aspects we don’t necessarily enjoy but which bring us peace of mind and fulfillment.

Finances, manual examinations and legal queries might not be all glitz and glam, but if we refrain from occupying our minds with music or podcasts, but instead focus on the task at hand and thus carry it out quicker and better, it will teach us to invest more brain power into certain problems and keep us concentrated until we solve them.

No man is an island

Bernard Baruch once said “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking”. Listening to opinions, viewpoints, and suggestions is crucial in business, since no man is an island and we can only thrive and prosper in connection with others and by leaning on other’s knowledge and expertise when necessary. We mustn’t let our egos stand in the way of observing recommendations and hearing proposals. If we surround ourselves with people who challenge our viewpoints and force us to think outside of our own perspective, we won’t run the risk of crashing and burning alone.

At TRISOFT, we believe that curiosity, motivation and consistent effort for lifelong learning are the assets that will take us far. Workers and entrepreneurs need to keep mentally agile, sharp and flexible. Applying these suggestions will maintain our brains active, engaged and constantly evolving.

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