We Have Seen the Future. And it was green with a hint of neurosis. Part 5 — Being a Believer


So here we are at the end of our short, but comprehensive journey of the top five attributes we think are defining for the future of business men of our times. We’ve travelled from the visionary, past the optimist and realist and met the perfectionist in all his glory. We’ve saved believers for last, not because they are less significant, but on the contrary, because we want to close the series with a powerful statement of what we think looks great on us. We are TRISOFT. We are believers.

What does it mean to believe?

For many, belief is immediately related to religion or spirituality. For others it’s about ethics. For some it’s just a matter of perseverance and obstinance. But what is common to all approaches is the drive that comes from the inside, pushing us towards the success we dream of. Let’s see what are the key attributes of a believer:

1. Motivation

The importance of motivation in business cannot be overstated. Motivation is the driving force behind actions and behaviour. It leads individuals to take action to achieve a goal or to fulfil a need or expectation. Motivation is important because it is the psychological catalyst employees and owners require to reach the goal.

Moreover, highly-motivated individuals and staff have a willingness to get the job done efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher productivity, increased revenue, cost savings and satisfied employees and business owners. On the other hand, employees and staff with low motivation tend to work slower, without regard for productivity or efficiency, and end up costing the business money.

Motivation works both ways as well — business owners have to seek motivation as a strong weapon against lost of interest or challenges in achieving their goals.

2. Goal setting

Speaking about goals, setting them is important in the process of guiding the company and employees toward defined objectives. Goal setting and motivation work hand in hand, as without goal setting and the necessary motivation for goal attainment, businesses are without purpose or direction.

For someone who believes in their strengths and dreams, business goal setting is crucial because it turns aspirations into a tangible reality, which, of course, requires commitment and action.

3. Feedback oriented

When you are a believer, you need to follow your instincts as well as let yourself guided by the lessons life and business offer you. In short, you should have a feedback oriented approach. Feedback orientation refers to an individual’s overall receptivity to feedback, including comfort with feedback, tendency to seek feedback and process it mindfully, and the likelihood of acting on the feedback to guide behavior change and performance improvement.

For an entrepreneur, solving the problems highlighted from analysis of customer feedback and acting upon the feedback is essential. You need to keep in mind that customer feedback should be continuous work in a customer oriented culture.

4. Engagement

Besides being receptive to feedback offered from customers and employees, being a true believer means to be totally and 100% involved and engaged in your work. Generally, the notion of ‘engagement’ refers to the continuous development of an emotional relationship. In a business sense, it’s the emotional level the individuals have with their manager, team and organization.

So when done properly, effective engagement can reduce turnover and create an environment of dedicated, motivated and committed employees who know where they fit in the business, what they contribute to and what they get back — recognition, development and rewards.

5. Balance

Last, but not least, believers are always people with good balance. We are living in a crazy, often confusing, society, so now more than ever, it is really important that we become more flexible and hopeful in how we regard work and life in general.

Finding the right balance for yourself and your staff may be the key building block for a successful, resilient and happy business.

What do we believe in?

At TRISOFT, we believe in growth and lessons learnt right. We believe in people and the added value they are capable to bring in every situation. We believe in struggle and what it stands for. And through profit-sharing, flexible hours and working from home, we are doing our best to nurture a healthy business environment, made up of believers who believe in what they do. We believe we can be different. GOOD different :)

Do you believe?

The question is: do YOU believe? Worries aside, plans and forecasts aside, do you believe you can succeed? What would it take for you to lose the fears and start believing? The questions are for everyone, but the answers only you can give yourself in an honest way.

So it is important to point out that no matter how badly we want success to be the destination of our journey, we should enjoy and appreciate every step of the way, every bump in the road and every challenge we come across. And with every opportunity that we get, it’s important to believe that we can do it — YES, we can overcome difficulties, stand strong in the face of despair and social disappointment, make a true difference through work, love and commitment to respecting nature. And YES, we will get to live the bright future we have been planning for our entire lives. Together! In the end, it all starts when we believe!