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Have you ever had a brilliant idea and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it, yet nobody seemed to pay it any mind, disregarded it or even rolled their eyes at you? The reasons for that attitude may be varied: apprehension, jealousy, disbelief, cautious optimism, their past experiences, etc. The truth is that innovation is a scary thing for most of us, and we prefer to things that are stable and somewhat predictable.

Of course it would be nice to have a “Eureka!” moment, start a successful business and live off the profit gained from doing what you love. Search for new initiatives, challenge the status quo, look past traditional endeavors and stretch things beyond the ordinary. It’s in your power to do something remarkable. After all, it’s the people that no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

Your dreams

At the beginning, you will undoubtedly be alone on your journey, without the support and encouragement of anyone. But you mustn’t take it personally, because your dreams are yours alone — and it’s for the best, otherwise there would be several people with the same venture and you wouldn’t enjoy the same benefits.

Moreover, the ones closest to you only want what is best for you — and that usually means security, stability and safety, namely the opposite of what you are embarking on. Human brains have been developing for thousands of years so as to avoid uncertain situations, risks and dangers. Therefore, the first step toward starting a great business must be eliminating some of those perils. You cannot come up with an outstanding plan if you are constantly worried about what tomorrow might bring. Start slowly, focus on gaining just enough to keep you afloat while you expand your scheme and build up to what you most desire.

The acknowledgment

Once you are on your way to success, guess what? Believers will join you and give you pats on the back for never doubting yourself and persevering. When you have something to show for your work, when you are already making progress, when it becomes obvious that you are good at what you do, you will start getting support, and one by one, people will acknowledge your accomplishments.

Two…of a kind?

However, there are a few aspects that you must keep in mind when deciding on your next course of action: not all ideas are original — although it seems like a personal, unique and unparalleled idea, history has shown that simultaneous breakthroughs do happen: Newton and Leibniz invented calculus at the same time, Darwin and Wallace discovered the principles of human evolution concurrently, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray fought for the telephone patent; other similar experiments have failed — you must learn everything you can about them, find out where they went wrong and improve on them; you cannot make a wonderful concept work by yourself — you need to collaborate with others and build a team that is passionate and driven.

Brilliant thinking

A good idea isn’t only an epiphany that appears out of the blue, but a conclusion we reach after making connections between various existing notions and new concepts that we observe and explore on our own. Self-confidence and acquired skills will help you turn your dream into reality. As Peter Thiel said, “Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.” You must have the determination and self-reliance to set to work, but based on know-how and technique, so that you won’t fail, but rather get closer and closer to your dream.

Although the human tendency is to seek validation from others, when it comes to innovation and success, things are a bit different. You need to develop tactics and skills that support the conviction you hold and that nobody else understands. You need to stop looking for consensus or agreement from others, relying more on yourself and the plan you create and then stick to. It would be nice to have the support of people around on your journey toward your dream business, but the reality is that most will only be there when you are already successful and have tangible results to show for it. People will start believing in your aspirations and rallying around you to develop the idea into palpable outcomes. Keep pushing on and you will eventually make headway, proving to others that everything you had been telling them would come true actually has.

Be brave!

At TRISOFT, we encourage you not to abandon an idea just because it doesn’t have any followers or supporters behind it. Although that aspect doesn’t guarantee the success of a notion, it does give some indication of the fact that it might be worth looking into, exploring — nobody believed that people would ever like to spend their vacations in other people’s homes (Airbnb), that a poor young African woman would become the greatest TV host of all time (Oprah), or that a cartoon movie about a lost fish could become a box-office success (Finding Nemo). All these had in common a brilliant and courageous idea, the perseverance of one person and the uniqueness of the concept, combined with hard work and a strong plan.

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