A Master List of Psychic & Supernatural Powers Observed in Humans

Which of these powers do YOU have?

Hello lovelings! Please be aware that due to censorship by Medium.com, I will be writing on my personal platform, Hologram Press, from now on. All my essays, including this one, are now available there.

This is a master list of every siddhi (supernatural power) I’ve ever encountered via personal experience, observation, and secondary research.

I strongly believe that every human can and should develop siddhis for themselves. instructions will be provided alongside certain siddhis when available.

If you think of one that’s not on the list, leave a comment & I’ll add it!

…and remember, kids:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” — Pablo Picasso

the “clairs”
clairsentience (clear-feeling)
clairvoyance (clear-seeing)
clairaudience (clear-hearing)
clairalience (clear-smelling)
clairgustance (clear-tasting)
claircognizance (clear-knowing)

astral travel
awareness of parallel incarnations

the “kinetic” siddhis
telekinesis/psychokinesis — manipulating inanimate objects
pyrokinesis — manipulating fire
hydrokinesis — manipulating water
terrakinesis — manipulating earth
aerokinesis — manipulating air
electrokinesis — manipulating electricity
atmokinesis — manipulating weather
biokinesis — manipulating organisms (humans, plants, animals, etc.)
influencing outcomes of events

seeing/sensing auras around people
creating an auric shadow cloak/invisibility shield
inserting energy into someone’s aura
picking up information through someone’s name or photo (their address, past lives, astrological placements, traumas, etc.)
reading the energetic history of an object, building, place, etc.
absorbing energy from living beings (plants, animals, people, etc.)

energy manipulation
reiki (energy healing)
weaponized amplification of physical strike or vocalization
inserting thoughts/sounds/feelings into someone’s mind
inserting sensations in someone’s body

communication with spirits
communication with animals
communication with plants
communication with elementals (water, fire, earth, air, electricity)
reading minds
fluently speaking languages you’ve never learned
fluently playing an instrument you’ve never learned
speaking “the universal language” / translating unfamiliar languages
absorbing the contents of a book without opening it

materializing objects/food
secreting ectoplasm
creating conscious thoughtforms

overcoming pain
overcoming hunger & thirst
transmuting energy into sustenance (“breatharianism”)
controlling involuntary functions (i.e. breathing, blinking, digesting)

changing one’s body temperature
changing one’s physical size/shape
changing one’s appearance/smell/aura/shadow

phase shifting
remote viewing
sensing when someone is watching, talking or thinking about you
time travel
walking through walls
walking on water
walking on fire
not appearing in photos or reflections


You may find that you have a natural tendency towards certain siddhis more than others. this is totally fine. the journey of self-discovery that accompanies siddhi development can be fun if you’re careful and discerning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: once you begin demonstrating siddhis, you may find that it’s better not to discuss your abilities openly. you might be accused of evil by people who don’t understand what they’re witnessing. not to mention the many agenda-driven entities lurking in the subtle realms, eager to drain and manipulate rookie psychics who don’t know any better.

conversely, you may also find yourself “mysteriously” attracting new people into your life with similar abilities & heightened states of awareness. we tend to “find” each other more effortlessly as we shine brighter. enjoy learning with your new friends, and bask in the amplified synergy!

I don’t say any of this to freak you out. I say this to give you a realistic idea of what to expect as you begin your process of developing siddhis. there are pleasures that await you, as well as dangers. everything in life involves risk; it’s up to you to determine what risks you consider worthwhile in proportion to their reward. the choice has always been yours. you are a free being.

be well ❤

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