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Introducing Remote Zoo, the distributed job board for remote work

Matching talent with remote work

Remote work leaves more quality time for family

For the last few years I’ve worked 100% remote. Without a set office. Without a commute. In a distributed team. Co-workers and customers spread across the world.

People come to every meeting with exciting stories from foreign lands. Where did they take the kids last night? Which beach did they surf at the weekend? What strange delicacy did they gorge on for dinner?

Beyond these uplifting stories that only a distributed team could experience, we hear of people being generally happier and healthier. Team members spend more time with their families — without a tiring commute that means better quality time. They have more time to prepare healthy food, instead of the quick and easy fast food option. And people have more energy for exercise, a lunchtime run or a morning stroll becomes habit.

The business case is equally as powerful. With fewer office distractions people get more deep work done — finding imaginative solutions for tricky problems. Our company saves money without expensive CBD offices to rent. And we find talented people from around the world as borders are no longer virtual prison bars.

And finally, remote work helps the environment. Around one in four journeys are for business purposes. How many of those could be prevented if everyone worked remote? Making essential journeys easier, faster and more efficient.

Remote work improves peoples’ lives and the organisations they work at whilst aiding the environment.

Which such wide benefits more companies must adopt remote work.

So I’ve started to build something to change that — Remote Zoo.

Remote Zoo is the distributed job board for remote work.

Job boards for remote work exist, quite a few in fact. You can see a great list of them here. And more power to them as far as I’m concerned.

The issue with existing job boards is people need to know about remote work before they look at these remote work centred job boards. But swathes of people don’t realise how accessible remote work is or where to find it. They literally don’t have to leave their home to start work. So let’s bring the jobs to them.

Remote Zoo mini job board in action

As a distributed job board, using our job board widgets, Remote Zoo jobs are shared across our family of websites, blogs and soon-to-be apps and mailing lists. Remote Zoo will reach talented people with the skills to work remotely without the awareness of remote work. Now relevant remote work is shown to people where they are spending their time.

Remote Zoo aims to…

  1. Get more people into life-improving remote work.
  2. Help companies find the best talent from around the world.
  3. Reduce environment damage by avoiding unnecessary journeys.

Please join me on this journey…

Are you an employee?
Check out our current remote jobs, you’ll be surprised at what jobs are already remote.

Are you a manager or business owner?
Post your jobs to find amazing remote talent.

Are you a website owner, blogger or content producer?
Start earning money from remote jobs and apply to join the Remote Zoo network.



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