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If you’re looking for a remote job, we want you!(not in a weird way)

Halò 👋

Before we get onto the BETA invites, here’s the story of how we got here.

1 year ago, I built a remote job board called Remote Circle with 3 other teammates(one of them was my wife 😊), and we targeted it specifically at remote jobs in the UK and Europe. The idea came out of my own frustration of looking for remote jobs where I found that a lot of the remote jobs being advertised were only interested in US-based candidates(I live in Scotland👎). I searched around online and found that many other people were having the same issue, so we built an MVP and launched.

It went well. We picked up a good audience, we worked with amazing companies, all the good stuff. But as we spoke to our users, we realised that we’d missed some things. A large chunk of our users were not based in Europe, but were still facing the exact same issue. So we had to expand and go global. But the logistics of a remote job board are a lot trickier than a standard job board. With a standard job board, you’ve got a “location” field. Connect to the Google maps API and boom, you’re done. With remote jobs, there is no location. Except sometimes there is. Sometimes the company want a candidate to live in a specific city/country/continent, to visit an office a few times a year or, more commonly, to be willing to work in a specific timezone. With remote jobs, there is no black and white, it’s a wild variety of hues of grey. Building a solution for that is no mean feat, but we had an idea of at least the first step to making it easier, and that is TIMEZONES! 🙌

There is nothing more soul destroying than reading through an amazing job description, getting increasingly more excited, “yes…..yes…….yeeee…..oh!”, you see these dreaded words 👉 “only hiring in the following timezones….”(none of them being yours)😐 . So the first thing we added was a timezone dropdown filter. Sounds simple. It is. Nothing special, just a timezone filter that lets you filter jobs by your own timezone. The logistics of making that work however are actually a little tricky. You need to manually add EVERY timezone that a company will accept to EVERY job that you post on the site. Basically, it’s a lot of data entry(no aggregation possible), but it definitely makes the user experience much better…..or at least we think so 😏

After some self-congratulatory high fives for the wonders of the timezone filter, we then built some other features.

👉 a “job type” filter(permanent, contract or part time)….ooooh….sexxxxy

🤴 a “job title” filter….double sexy

After that, we add some more filters. Then we deleted them. They were rubbish.

Then we added one more, a good old-fashioned “categories” filters

We also put some salary information up front for each job where possible and spent some time making sure the user experience was as smooth as possible. And now, after various iterations, we are ready to take it public.

So now comes the good part of asking all you lovely folks to come and check it out and see if it’s any good!


If remote work is your kinda thaang, then we would be delighted for you to sign up to the BETA. it’s free(always will be). Once you’re in, there is a popup that will show up(after exactly 60 seconds!) with a few short questions which you can answer(or not) if you have a couple of minutes to spare and that will help us to improve the good bits and get rid of the bad bits. While we are in BETA, the number of jobs is intentionally limited to allow us to focus on our users although we will be continuing to add jobs slowly throughout the BETA.

And if you like it and you know somebody else who might also like it, then please share it with them also😊 we appreciate every share we get and will even go out of our way to tweet you a fist-bump 🤜🤛, we’re nice like that!

And that’s it! Remote Circle is now live! Let’s do it! Bowshky!

Sign up to the Remote Circle BETA now.

Remote Jobs. Every Timezone



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