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3 min readJun 14, 2021


Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Hey, Chris here — Citizen of the World, Digital Nomad Accommodation Expert, and Founder at RemoteBase.

Back in 2018, I started traveling alongside my job, spending 1–3 months in each place. Pretty quickly, I realised finding a good place to stay at a good price was not easy.

But… I learned that hidden in the depths of Airbnb, there are some great deals out there, with hosts offering enormous discounts for ‘long stays’ (over 28 nights). I started to keep a list of the best places I found. Over time, that list got pretty big, and eventually I wanted to share these hidden gems, and just like that… RemoteBase was born.

So, how does it work?

It’s really simple. You subscribe with just an email address, and get insane Airbnb deals dropped directly in your inbox the first week of every month. Done!

Behind the scenes, we’re constantly scouring Airbnb for remote-work friendly listings, and staying on top of location trends like emerging digital nomad communities.

Each edition is focussed 3 months into the future. So in May, RemoteBase shares listings available in August - giving you plenty of time to plan and book!

What can subscribers expect?

Ever seen those really outlandish Airbnbs— a treehouse suspended over a cliff edge, with it’s own private swimming pool? Well, those are cool, and perfect for a weekend of shooting instagram content…

But places like that aren’t necessarily very practical to live and work from, so you won’t find any of those in our emails. Instead, we bring you listings from around the world that are practical and comfortable. That means filtering out listings that don’t have washing machines, and depending where in the world we’re searching, we’ll make sure there’s heating, or air-con. Wifi is a must, of course, and we pay attention to the little things like the neighbourhood and the reviews of not just the listing, but the host.

We wrap this up neatly in the newsletter, showing you the final prices in USD, GBP, and EUR. Like this…

example of Airbnb Deal from RemoteBase Newsletter
Example deal from RemoteBase’s Jun’21 Edition: 70% off in Playa Del Carmen Airbnb.

Amateur hour is over. Keep Your Time — And Your Money.

Could you find all these deals for yourself? Maybe. But there’s a reason we’re the pros: Time.

Over the years, we’ve experienced it all, and we’ve honed our skills in deal finding, ‘reading’ a listing, and vetting hosts profiles.

We’ve had hosts move furniture around to make apartments look bigger in the photos - and even make it look like there are additional ROOMS! We’ve also been completely humbled by hosts happy to go the extra mile and bring us additional kitchen equipment, or bump up the wifi package to keep us online without any (literal) glitches. One host even installed a washing machine for a 2 month stay in Porto, Portugal. That’s the kind of host you want.

Our monthly newsletter is free, and with literally THOUSANDS being offered up in savings, a better question might be: Would you want to go searching for these yourself…? Probably not.


That’s the wider mission with RemoteBase.

The Work From Anywhere lifestyle is a game-changer and RemoteBase makes it easier. Whether you have a home base, and are looking to work ‘away’ for a couple of months of each year, or want to live and work around the world, with just your backpack and a laptop: Our deals are for you.

See you on the other side,
Chris at RemoteBase



RemoteControl — by RemoteBase.co

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