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31 Flavors of nerd, and why they might want to attend Remote Crypto Con

While putting RemoteCryptoCon together I had an concept of my ideal attendee. It’s been something I’ve kept in mind since the beginning but realize now it hasn’t been put into words. “Crypto” is a pretty broad term and encompasses many large subgroups. While attempting to define this idea for speakers and sponsors I realized it’s worth mapping out for the community at large.

In this post we’ll cover the different subgroups in crypto and why they may or may not be interested in joining us at Remote Crypto Con.


I am putting miners first because they are so integral to the entire ecosystem. Without the upfront capital investment of these people the entire system doesn’t have a platform to stand on. Thank you to the miners for their unsung stewardship of the blockchain. With the recent launch of Handshake we have seen miners mobilize at a rate not seen for any other POW chain launch. Within the first three months of launch at least one ASIC is already available for pre-order.

Miners may be interested in our event because they need to have a holistic view of the industry. Seeing where Industry leaders think the market is going can be effective for miners in choosing what platforms to support.


There are really two sub-sub groups here. Retail investors and institutional investors. Institutional Investors are people who manage money for a living and typically large portfolios of wealth. There are always rumors about Institutional money finally “coming into crypto” but for the most part we’re not there yet. With the exception of DCG there aren’t a lot of players in the institutional crypto game yet.

Retail Investors are who we are referencing when we say Investor. This ranges from your small satoshi day trader to your high net worth individual who is looking for a little uncorrelated exposure. I’m positive there will be some value for these folks to attend this event. I have people speaking about legal issues as well as Influential institutional investors covering their thoughts on the market. Though I didn’t gear the conference towards this audience, they will still find value in it.


Good old Venture Capitalists. The cowboys and cowgirls of the financial world. These paragons of the Patagonia vest are essential in the creation of our industry. Chris Dixon and his band of investors at a16z are driving serious capital into this space. He’s assembled some of the best minds to fund companies that are building the next layer of the web. Chris and those like him are the ones who have to guess at what is possible in the next three to ten years, and then write checks to back up those guesses.

This bloodbath lead to a stink on the word crypto that for many has never left.

Back in 2016 many traditional VCs fell into the token trap. This was a period in our history when VCs could get in early on a token “pre sale” and then dump their bags on later unsuspecting investors. When the music stopped, some were left holding large quantities of useless unregistered securities. This bloodbath lead to a stink on the word crypto that for many has never left. The ones that still exist are in it for the long haul. The afore mentioned a16z crowd being the best in breed, followed by Placeholder, CoinShares, Digital Currency Group, Amentum Capital and a few more.

Lucky for me, we have a speaker representing one of these firms. I hope to get representation from more as the event gets closer. But should they attend Remote Crypto con? Sure, why not. Our discussion tables are bit like a less exclusive Clubhouse so they will feel right at home.


Let me sing you the song of my people. To be clear I’m not the world greatest developer but I still feel a kinship with devs. You will not find a more heart warming and infuriating bunch of people. Lovers of memes and rules, developers are the people who make the world work. In previous iterations of our society they engineered physical works, usually toiling away in small workshops under layers of bureaucracy. The internet changed all of that, it allowed for large groups of devs to connect and build their own subculture. Crypto put that culture into hyperdrive.

The internet changed all of that, it allowed for large groups of devs to connect and build their own subculture.

Cryptocurrency closed the value creation loop for developers and all but eliminates traditional business folks. Jackson Palmer is a developer who perfectly illustrates my point. Jackson was a Bitcoiner who created Doge coin, a meme that became a currency. That currency at one point had a market cap well over a billion dollars, much financial. In many ways this is a played out story but it illustrates that developers are core to this movement. When it comes to this event developers will find the content light on technical detail. They will however enjoy the lack of moon boys.


The main event. This is who I created this conference for. Builders can be any of the above but with one extra component. The compulsion to build. Builders are the people who cannot help but do something. Who feel an addictive pull towards creation. Builders are what we really need right now in crypto.

I hope it’s clear by now that I have immense respect for every person in this industry. The real trick of this post is that at this stage we’re all builders. We have to be. There is so much to be done. If we want to make money move at the speed of light we need to get to building.

The real trick of this post is that at this stage we’re all builders. We have to be.

If you’re a builder of any flavor I want you to come to this event. Listen to the speakers to share their knowledge. Ask questions in the chat and during live Q&As. Jump into a conversation in our lobby rooms. Take part in the 1:1 Roulette sessions.

Remote Crypto Con is for you, the builder. You see the enormous potential in all that’s been created, and you’re driven to build what isn’t yet there.

Get your free ticket and come be part of something bigger than yourself.

Join me at Remote Crypto Con




Remote Crypto Con is a free conference held entirely online

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