First day at the office

Marko Vasiljevic
Mar 1, 2020 · 2 min read

Starting a new job is hard. You have to absorb an exorbitant amount of information, meet a ton of people, start discerning what’s important and what’s just noise, and start thinking and planning your path forward towards being successful at what you were hired to do.

To make things more fun, I’m throwing the remote-first transition into the mix. How did the team take my brief mention of possibility of remote work? To my surprise and I have to admit, huge relief, they were very enthusiastic about it! It turns out that most of the team has a pretty grueling daily commute and that one person is already working remote from NY.

It’s clear that the sell to this team won’t be hard, which will definitely make the whole process a lot easier. So, we have two key ingredients already, buy in from both the exec team and the ProgEng team (aka EPD). Every company has its unique nomenclature, so I’ll switch to using EPD (engineering product design) going forward.

Next steps

The hard work of creating a system for remote work begins. I want to make sure that we work on the system as a team and respect what’s already working. I believe that involving the team in defining how they will spend a large part of their day from the very beginning will create a sense of ownership that will help us create the most effective and enjoyable way to collaborate. Stay tuned for more updates on the journey to being a remote-first team.


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