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Going all in on Remote Work

Since I started writing this series of posts, everything around us went upside down. The whole world is now remote because of the corona virus. How has this impacted my team? To be honest, not much, and that’s the beauty of remote, you have more flexibility as a team.

Let’s look at how the team is progressing and what’s working.

Habits that are sticking

  • Daily checkins on Slack using Geekbot
  • Daily checkouts on Slack using Geekbot
  • Meeting notes sent to a public Slack channel using Geekbot
  • Impromptu meetings on Tandem
  • Screengrabs for information sharing and general documentation on Loom
  • Retros on Miro
  • More interactive code commenting and knowledge sharing on CodeStream
  • Code pairing LiveShare
  • Casual banter in our Slack social channel
  • Using explicit meeting notes that specify description, agenda, attendance, goals and guidelines
  • Documenting everything! We moved everything to Confluence.

Tools that we’re exploring

  • Yac chat for voicemail like messages. They promise async meetings as well, so looking forward to exploring it
  • AuxParty for team wide playlists. Looks like we don’t have a critical mass within our team, but will try with the whole company.

The whole team (and company) is now working fully remotely. This will be a great opportunity for us to improve our practices even further and lean into remote as our future.




On building remote-first companies

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