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Want to know the future of professional networking??

Introducing Common Connect, the new professional networking app created to connect people based on interest, careers, and proximity. A woman-led mobile technology company based in the Greater New York City Area. Common Connect takes an intuitive approach to networking, answering the burning question — WHO are all the people I pass every day? You can bet that all the professionals you would like to associate yourself with are at arm’s length. With Common Connect, they put you in the driver seat and allow you to network with the click of a button by choosing from a catered list of job titles and industries of interest within your current location.

What You’ll Learn

During this FREE webinar you will learn about

  • How you can increase your level of visibility whether you’re looking to hire, make a friend, and make new connections.
  • How will you integrate the people surrounding you into your business world.
  • Creating lifelong connections that can lead to a variety of personal and professional opportunities.

About the Speaker

Ramey Ebrahim has a B.S degree in International Business and Marketing, and an M.A in Communication Arts. In today’s world, networking and professional connections are both essential and rewarding in order to fulfill a life of career advancements and personal relationships. My purpose is to present an easier digital solution that helps cultivate and develop your personal and professional network in a world where who you know truly matters.

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