How did I land up with 500+ CXO meetings in last 3 months

For the #MakeRemoteWork survey, our main differentiator was about having real data and not ending up just relying on the quick online surveys. We wanted to have a mix of online as well as offline channels. For the same, we visited 14 cities chosen from an email raffle

All through the campaign, we worked on getting in-person interviews. Our campaign was primarily built with Linkedin and Email marketing and here is a quick summary on how we did it to be able to land up with 500+ CXO meetings.

01. Preparation - Preparation included setting up our team and action plan. We planned to work primarily through Linkedin, which I have covered in detail later. During preparation, we worked on updating my Linkedin with profile details, posts etc guided by the Linkedin best practices. We worked on building the clarity on my profile about what I do, past works, references etc.

We also listed out around 100+ CXO profiles that we intended to meet.

02. Personalization - We totally agreed that no CXO would have time for us so we worked on personalization in 3 ways

  • Hearing their socials and figuring out if there is a chance that they would be open to such collaboration. This could be figured out if they had remote teams themselves or if they posted about global teams etc
  • Personalizing our emails with things that they have written or talked about
  • Pivoting our emails with ideas and wordings that struck a chord. Also, we used hyperlinking in emails to connect with more elaborated details on landing pages.

03. Linkedin - Linkedin was one of our major tools
We used Linkedin to find out our contacts as well as know our 2nd level and 3rd level contacts. Linkedin does a great job to provide enough info that can be used to start a conversation. We used primarily the common contacts, request for intros, something interesting from the bios etc to strike the conversation.

04. Followups and lots of them - Trying to walk the thin line between over pushing and persistence we tried to be genuine in our efforts leaving the rest to interpretation. We used mailtrack and Linkedin inbuilt feature about read and unread emails. We sent different follow-ups to people who had read our emails and the one who did not.

Primarily we did a max of 3 follow-ups to people

  • With the 1st email as the intro and asking for interest
  • If read- 2nd email was with more info and putting things in the points format
  • 3rd email- About a soft ask with final dates of visit and specification of a slot that is open
  • 4th email- while I was in the city, asking if any last minute window that opened

05. The Team - All of the above definitely required a team and I was lucky to have a few good fellas among us to deliver on the plan. In summary, I believe getting a good conversion rate was the result of having a team who was ready to hustle 24*7. But while doing so, we made sure that the process is enjoyable to everyone in the team.
Regularly the strategy was discussed often with a friendly banter among passionate people. We always believed that if everyone in the team is on the same page we will be able to pull it off. We did party of course post the campaign

#MakeRemoteWork survey report is one of the most comprehensive reports on the current state and realities of the Remote Work Industry. We’ve gathered insights from over 500+ CXOs to compile this report. We’ve covered topics varying from cost, management & trust to difficulties, solutions and work environment.

You can get access to the report Here, Go Here



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Ayush Jain

Ayush Jain

Sculpting ideas and turning them into reality, CEO and Founder of Mindbowser, Chapter Director of StartupGrind Pune