Why you should not hire a remote employee in 2019

With 2019, being just around the corner, the desire for every CEO would be for the business to grow as fast as possible. Many must be thinking about adding a few more skilled employees to their arsenal, and the trend that must be popping up in your mind is “Should we go for hiring Remote Employees,” right? But, WHY?

Isn’t hiring someone local to you more convenient? Also, there is an additional advantage of meeting that person face to face, wandering around their desks and checking in on what they are doing and how much of the work they have actually completed. Catch up with them on coffee breaks and water cooler talks, engaging in interesting and sometimes futile conversation. You can’t do any of that fun stuff with a remote team, can you?

Well, you must have read a lot of blogs telling you all about why you should hire a remote employee, let me tell you why you shouldn’t.

01. Smart people kick ass

The Internet has led to the rise in remote work. The ease of communication, the various collaboration tools etc. have further led to an ease in acquiring talented employees from all over the world.

But why to look for someone who is physically distant when you can hire someone who you can meet with every day.

Granted that this person local to you might not be as skilled as the remote employee but at least you have the benefit of being around him, checking in on him whenever you want, addressing and solving the issues he might be facing.

To do all this with your remote team, you’ll have to have access to a simple collaboration tool, a communication channel and what not. Sounds really simple but then again who would want to take so much effort every day, we’d rather sit and chill.

02. What’re you going to do with all that money?

Yes, it’s true, hiring a remote employee can save you a lot of money.

You don’t have to worry about the employee’s desk, computer or any other thing that is needed to work efficiently, remote employees take care of themselves.

But if you hire a person local to you, you have the chance to go furniture shopping, buying a brand new, high tech computer sounds so fun, wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you? And if you build a team big enough that it can’t possibly fit in your current workplace, you have the option of finding a new and bigger place!

Remember the scene from Batman where Joker burns down a whole pile of cash; you can enjoy a very similar feeling.

03. Productivity? Wait, What’s that?

According to a recent survey, remote employees are more productive than the in-house team.

You know what happens when employees become more productive right? Goodbye timepass!

Feeling bad that you aren’t getting more time to have those fun futile conversations with your team? Tired of seeing your employees pour their heart into their work and delivering the best results and that too at the expense of the precious fun time.

It’s a blessing that the in-house team isn’t as productive all the time as the remote team. I mean they are productive no doubt, but they can always take some time out during important work to have some fun.

04. Losing employees makes room for new ones:

If you treat your remote employees right, they are the most loyal employees you will ever come around which reduces your employee attrition rate.

But do you really want to be stuck with the same old faces for the rest of your life? Having new employees from time to time sounds like a good thing, meeting new employees, introducing them to your company culture, training them, teaching them all the skills, such a great activity to bond, definitely one to look forward to.

05. Global Warming Is Overrated:

Who doesn’t enjoy a long commute, I for one love the one hour journey to my office in heavy traffic, turning up the music as loud as I can, burning up gas and causing pollution.

Remote employees miss out on this fun journey; they work from home or a coworking space or a beach, they don’t get to turn up the music in their cars or contribute to the already clogged roads.

06. It’s So Much Fun When Employees Go AWOL!

Remote employees tend to take lesser leaves than the in-house team. Sounds boring right, being available all the time to work, delivering projects before deadline, being productive and proactive.

The real fun is in taking a vacation, turning off all modes of communication with your office and just lying on the beach sipping on pina colada. We can always get back to work after a good time spent away from it.

I wonder how digital nomads manage to work and travel all at the same time; I find it dreadful to even look at my laptop while I’m on vacation. Who cares about work, right? We’ll be at the office after a couple of days doing the same thing.

Well, I’ve run out of sarcasm, and I hope I have given you enough reasons to start 2019 with remote hiring. What I described above was a complete disaster, right?

That’s cause remote work is the future of work, the growth your business can achieve with remote employees is tremendous. You already know all the benefits of having a remote team such as increased productivity, reduced attrition, reduced leaves, etc. But if you’re still in a haze, then you can start with one engagement first and then keep building more efficiency than an in-house team.

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