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What makes Open Source Software the new icing on the cake

The why’s and how’s of open sourcing your code and documentations.

Back then, you were cool if you came up with this new idea and were able to hide your secret sauce for long enough. This 90's theatrics of hide and go seek is what weakens our entire software infrastructure.

Google has open sourced close to 3000 open source projects online since it’s inception in 1998. It’s basically the same idea. Cool project in mind? Publish it online for free.

Well that’s Google. I am…well…Me.…what now? How can I become cool today?

Think for a moment. You’d realize that many ideas have already been taken and creating another version of the former is pointless plagiarism. What’s the next best thing to do? Open source pre-existing ideas.

Project in mind that you think is the Next Big Thing?

Perfect! Use it. Open source the code. Write a few lines about what it does and how it does it. Document the whole process. Publish it to the developer world so that anyone can download and tinker with your code.

Picky about your audience? That’s fine! Filter your publishing list to better suit your needs. This way, everyone is happy!

But how?

If you are reading this as a complete beginner in the open source territory, pay heed to next few steps. Published developer? Ignore this bit.

  • Create a GitHub or BitBucket account.
  • Start a Repository.
  • Keep your all your code and documentations ready.
  • Publish your documentation first or any text in the form of README.txt.
  • Upload your code along with any other files that makes your code work.
  • Make a gitignore file to specify intentionally ignored directories.
  • Publish your Repository after giving it a name

The whole process is really simple. Bear in mind that the online portrayal of the steps involved in publishing your code is unexplainable and indescribable, and causes immense chronic corporate depression among developers…

Why Open Sourcing is useful

Open Sourcing is helpful. Not only for you. It helps the entire developer community move ahead. Tinkering with projects aid in improving the overall quality of creativity and demand for ingenuity.

Think about it. You, publishing your work online, can serve many purposes. You are helping those eager developers to get their hands on something to break open and re-engineer!

In a nutshell

Hopefully, you’ve understood what open sourcing is what benefits it brings to the entire crack-open-and-create class of people.

Transforming the world isn’t easy. It requires collaboration upon collaboration to make something truely fascinating. Open sourcing doesn’t hurt. Go ahead. You got to start somewhere, right? When was the last time you tried something new! Start your adventure! Till then, I’ll see you in the next one!

Original article by Rishabh Anand

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