Re Human Day 52

Re-inventing ourselves has always been the most important skill. I’m re-inventing myself by improving in 15 areas at a time. This post is part of my Re Human project.

Today I travelled to Brown to do the second part of “build and talk to users” well-known startup advice. Traveling isn’t an excuse to not do what you want to do — so I did several re human activities in the plane. Salsa seemed hard in a plane so I did Music Production instead and will do Salsa tomorrow.

Daily Habits

Books: In the morning I finished Non-Violent Communication. In the plane I started & finished Motivation Manifesto (I felt this one was mostly repetitions of things I knew already so skipped through chapters when they were too obvious). I also started and almost finished Blitzcaling. This one was in physical book form because it was a gift I received from Greylock (Reid Hoffman, one of the main partners wrote the book). Also started Platform Revolution. Some notes from today:

Force should only be used for protection, not punishment.
Praise is also judgment. Instead, do an appreciation based on your needs or feelings.

All religions and sciences are branches of the same tree. What they’re trying to lift you is to freedom.
Our motivation is our impulses to move towards freedom and away from fear.
Every emotion and value is a choice. Motivation is a choice.

Meditation: 21 minutes in the morning.

Re Human Extended Activity: Wednesdays is Salsa but that didn’t seem fitting for a plane so I did Music Production.

Yesterday I received feedback from a couple of friends on my “Create a Dream” song so today I worked on incorporating that feedback.

Writing: This post, code, and a daily thought.

Digital Drawing & Painting:

Today I painted a little seed in grass:

and how it turns into a tree:

Fitness: I arrived to Brown 11pm and all the gyms were closed so I practiced my handstand.

Piano: It was hard to find a piano in the plane so I instead watched videos in the Flowkey app about piano theory. Learned about chord inversions.

Soccer trick juggling: I travelled with my soccer ball and did juggling when I arrived at Brown in my girlfriend’s room.

Random Surprise

Something to think about:

“The opposite of a true statement is a false statement, but the opposite of a profound truth is usually another profound truth.” -Niels Bohr

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