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Written by Tiara Williams

If the world only got to meet My brother Tattoo. They would have met someone with a mind of imagination and creativity, a heart of love and compassion that could change the world, and a soul that was so rare, nothing like anyone else’s. All that was taken away by Gun Violence.
Brandon Williams (Aka Tattoo) was a son, a brother and so much more to his family and his community. On June 23, 2019, Brandon was killed when a mass shooting took place outside of Kelly’s Pub in South Bend, Indiana. Eleven individuals were shot, and Brandon was the only one Pronounced deceased.

Brandon’s death impacted the community and America. It reached big new stations and radio stations around the world. The Mayor of the City of South Bend (at the time was Mayor Pete Buttgrieg) told our family that this was historical for their city.

I would always tell Brandon “ He was a small city (Niles, Michigan) boy, with big dreams.” and that one day those big dreams would pay off. From the clothes, he would wear to the artwork and music that he loved so much. I knew that one day I would see my brother on television. But his big dreams got destroyed by a bullet. I feel that he now got famous, but not by choice and definitely not how our family wanted it.

When they took my brother’s life, they just didn’t understand what they took from everyone. Our community has changed Drastically. Not only with the loss of Brandon, but how it happened. This was something that no one would ever think would happen locally. This was something that we have seen on television, but never thought it would hit home. The laughter that everyone once had is now gone. Brandon was just an amazing person inside and out. He was the type that Whatever he put his mind to Brandon would concur with it. Brandon was always quiet, and he loved to put a smile on people’s faces. But through his music, tattoos, and artwork that became his voice. Every lyric, tattoo, and art piece became his words. It was his peace from the world.

Since Brandon’s Passing, I used the pain and hurt of losing my brother and started a nonprofit called Tattoo the World. Brandon and I had a lot in common, being quiet is one of them. His death gave me a voice to Fight to end Gun violence. As well as soon give a voice to our youth by expressing it through art and music. Our low privilege youth in our community need that voice.

Some kids like Brandon are quiet and don’t have the outlets to shine, and we want to give them a chance to show their true passion for something that they love. And give them somewhere safe and keep them off the streets. Tattoo the World also creates comfort kits for families that have lost a loved one due to gun violence.

Tattoo the world is determined to leave a permanent mark on the world, as well as show the world who Brandon Williams was. Through the love of helping others.

Originally published at on January 22, 2022.




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