A React and React Native App for NGOs

Renato Gondin
Mar 30 · 2 min read

During this whole Corona Virus crisis, I’ve tried to study and specially to build cool projects. And one of the coolest things I’ve done was an entirely built in Javascript app during an event called OmniStack. The OmniStack Week is provided by a group called RocketSeat and this group is really concerned about teaching technologies in a simple way, but they use only tools that companies are really working with. Their instructor Diego has incredible communication skills and can give you a huge amount of information is a very short period of time. It wasn’t easy to absorb so many new things in a week (I took notes manually and also used Anki) and you need to be fast and avoid mistakes, cause the OmniStack week is like a shorter bootcamp.

RocketSeat’s website is: https://rocketseat.com.br/ . In my opinion their only problem is not having content in other languages. Trust me, these guys from RocketSeat would be a success worldwide.

So, the main idea was to create a Web App with React, a Mobile App with React Native and the Back-End with Node. A NGO would connect to a website and issue its incidents, explain them and pay a price. An user would check the NGOs incidents with an Android or iOs app and get in touch to solve the problem. And the whole the Back-End was created using Express and Node. Can’t forget to mention other technologies and packages like Expo, Axios, Knex (for the database).

Also, when a NGO connect, they receive a special code to log in whenever they want. We also had to create a way to send this to the user.

You can check the code here in the github’s repository: https://github.com/renatogondin/Be-The-Hero

The Mobile Part part (whera an user access to check incidents):

Image for post
Image for post
the Web App

The Web App part (where a NGO would connect and list and issue incidents):

Image for post
Image for post
Signing in and signing up
Image for post
Image for post
Here a NGO can check its incidents
Image for post
Image for post
in case you a NGO wanna issue a new incident


Programming stuff I’ve been doing.

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