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Brexit = Uncertainty = Business As Usual

Panic. Distress. Confusion. Frustration. Just some of the words that are “missing” from every entrepreneur’s vocabulary. So, why all this buzz around Brexit then? Why suddenly do fellow startuppers start using them when constructing an argument? Here’s my logic on the matter.


  • A new business is an organisation operating under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  • The shock effects of Brexit lead to economic, political, and societal uncertainty.


  • New businesses are not going to be able and absorb the shock effects of Brexit.
  • New businesses will find it harder to attract talent, secure investment, market their offers and so on.


  • New businesses are never able to absorb any shock. Their organisational mix is not made for that. Instead, they are made for breaking norms and creating new ones.
  • When the economy looks tough, new businesses are the ones leading the way. Talking about identified threats is one thing; doing something about it is another.


  • Remove the fiction from the facts (those that apply to your company) and communicate them throughout the whole team so you can all have a shared understanding. 
    Hint: That’s something that every new business is (or should) already be doing!
  • Face the newly identified obstacles as nothing more than what they are. Opportunities to break the norm. 
    Hint: That’s something that every new business is (or should) already be doing!
  • Grow a pair, calculate your risks, and take them. No need to offset them -that’s impossible. 
    Hint: That’s something that every new business is (or should) already be doing!


Setting and running a new business was never an easy thing. Even when “rose garden” conditions exist, a new business has so many barriers to overcome and most importantly is unable to foresee all of them.

Complaining about Brexit as a new business, sounds superficial or even hypocritical if you ask me. A sugarcoated excuse to fail. The way I see it, this is the best time for competent teams to shine and prove themselves as an attractive investment, employer, provider, you name it.

So, what are you waiting for? Make some magic. Build some sh*t that last! Just like Moloko sang, the time is NOW!

About me: Greek expat living in London since 2006. Business graduate with a focus on consumer behavior on digital channels. Founder of Rendeevoo since 2013. Leader of five souls (including mine). BIG enthusiast of heterarchical structures and even BIGGER advocate of transparent business ethics.

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