Rendeevoo is no more

Back in 2013, myself and Jorn decided to quit our jobs and make a career change. We found the courage to proclaim ourselves entrepreneurs and begin a journey to the practically unknown.

Driven by a strong belief in our combined skills and confidence in our newly born concept, we founded rendeevoo right in the heart of the London Tech Scene -Google Campus.

We secured a loan from Startup Loans to fuel our first steps and pay for the bills that our sacrificed salaries couldn’t support anymore. We progressed as much as we could by ourselves and created the Brand and Product assets. We then hustled to find a “Godfather” who could act as a CTO and were blessed to cross paths with Develapps who proved to be the best candidate for coding our first versions.

We then started facing the market with Guerilla tactics that resulted in a strong audience of 1,000 East Londoners (our mother market) and 3 Cocktail Bars (McQueen, The Proud Archivist, and 76 Blessings). We celebrated our official launch with a kick-ass party in Google Campus that boosted both our confidence and reputation.

We also begun engaging in collaborative partnerships with others who could help rendeevoo improve its presence with little or no money in exchange.

The story went on over the following couple of years. Always bootstrapped. Always giving our heart and soul to the cause.

Collaborating and exchanging skills with our fellow peers, became our day-to-day habit after moving to London’s top co-working space - the one and only Rainmaking Loft! We felt a true sense of belonging in a big and happy family during our 2-year residency there.

Heroes At Work (Rainmaking Loft’s slogan says it all)

We managed to raise six rounds, two of those being from Seedrs while the rest from private Angels.

We also managed to attract amazing talent with very little money, establish more partnerships with amazing bars and cafes around the capital, and launched a handful of co-branded campaigns with other startups.

Our main focus was validation. We needed to prove to ourselves and others that rendeevoo is a scalable model in a market dominated by giants. We wanted to prove that our business model was superior than the subscription model which is the standard in the dating and socialising industries.

Our last sprint was during the summer (June until Sep) where we were all working at crazy speeds, and managed to complete the puzzle we wanted. Behold! A Cost Per Acquisition of less than £2 for each new user by producing and publishing our very own videos!

(you can check them all on our channel)

That was the objective, and we did hit it. Unfortunately though, we never managed to raise the next round in time so….the ugly reality slapped us hard.

Bills were piling up on the business but also on our personal lives. We had to look for short-term income by taking small jobs as individuals and that’s what we did in order to pay our dues for October and November.

In the meantime, we started discussing a potential exit with interested parties. Again, nothing fruitful happened on that front.

Now it’s time to make it official. Rendeevoo is no more.

We have seized all operations and removed the app from the store. It is a closure that we needed to have no matter how badly it hurts to see our dreams crumbling in the very last minute before facing the mainstream markets!

Personally, I never felt more proud for myself and my choices. I never had greater satisfaction co-creating with other people. Everyone I had the honor to work with during those years is a golden star!

We are moving on with our heads high and our hearts broken but, c’est la vie I guess… Off to new adventures now!

You can still contact us on our rendeevoo accounts

If you are an entrepreneur reading this, do not get affected by failure. Learn from it. As long as you believe in your concept and skills, do not give up!

Over and out,


Rendeevoo Chronicles

Thoughts and ideas from the team behind rendeevoo

Rendeevoo Chronicles

Thoughts and ideas from the team behind rendeevoo

George Christoforakis

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I’m the founder of Rendeevoo, and this is both my personal and professional memoir.

Rendeevoo Chronicles

Thoughts and ideas from the team behind rendeevoo