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2022 Render Network Year-in-Review

Looking back on the major milestones achieved by the Render Network, the Render Network community, and what lies on the horizon for the Render Network

Governance: Render Network Implements Decentralized Governance Process and Foundation

The results of the final community vote on RNP-000 (v2)

Scalability: Improvements to the Render Network Platform


Expanded Features:

Emerging Technologies — The Future of web3 and Next Generation Virtual Assets

GTC 2022

Breakpoint 2022

Community Development — Highlighting the Render Network Community

A year of creation: Spotlights and Projects on the Render Network

Artworks featured by some of the artists featured in Render Network Twitter Spaces and Creator Spotlights this past year including: Zomax, Bloo Woods, Warbb — Robbin Snijders, Trnvir Singh, Marterium, Lord Statue, Nozomagarion, Carrot with Ak — Drake, PhayaWorks 3D, Ronaldo Amador, Pi-Slices, Machina Infinitum, STNLY, Will Selviz, Daniel Teolfe, David Smolen, Gelato Zupply, Josh Pierce, SergeJ,Isaac Udogwu, Sam Clover, Fula , Keshav Singh, Booger Box, and Ivan Derr

Best of the Metaverse

Recognition / Awards

Metrics / Infrastructure Updates

2023 Outlook: Blockchain Infrastructure Goes Mainstream, Powering Next Generation Virtual Experiences

Messari’s data driven graphic for the next year in trends

The Render Network Team

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