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Behind the Network (BTN): May 11th, 2022

The first installment of BTN’s “Meet the Team” segments!

Let’s begin with an introduction:

Edgar recently joined the Render Network team as our Marketing, Community and Social Media Manager, where he has been focusing on fostering a deeper community alongside our community moderators. Outside of learning the ropes, Edgar has also been working on showcasing artists that use Render, as well as fleshing out the Render Network Instagram presence (if you’re not following, give it a look to see the Render Network artist community there!). He is also working on some exciting new social projects in the works that we’re hoping to debut over the coming months.

Upcoming Work

We have not forgotten our message from last week, and we’ve taken time to address some of the Render Network’s community questions, as well as look around the Metaverse at other projects and give our opinions on some of the trends that we’ve seen developing. Be on the lookout for our next BTN!

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