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Behind the Network (BTN): Nov. 11th, 2022 [Technical Updates from Solana Breakpoint]

At Breakpoint 2022, Render Network previewed the next generation of blockchain cloud graphics and discussed how they can play a critical role in the advancement of post-mobile immersive computing. What was presented was a convergence of a number of trends that are accelerating the diffusion of 3D graphics from professional creators to a much wider user base of mainstream consumers. These include new high-end mobile GPU hardware platforms on the iPad and next generation iPhone, dramatically expanding the scale of high end 3D graphics compatible devices. Additionally, new AI technologies like Stable Diffusion were discussed, showcasing emerging technologies in development that are dramatically reshaping creative workflows, making 3D content creation accessible to anyone with a modern GPU. Finally, Render Network outlined plans to scale distributed GPU rendering through expanded feature sets and integrations with leading ecosystem partners in the 3D industry. Let’s dive into the details of some of the new updates and initiatives coming to the Render Network:

Octane X for the iPad, which was previewed by Apple last month during their AppleEvent, will have built-in integrations to the Render Network, with microjobs from the Octane X app running on the Render Network natively to supplant the rendering power of the iPad. This will allow iPad users to seamlessly use the Render Network in one of the easiest integrations to date.

Alongside the expansion of the Render Network onto the iPad, Jules previewed a few long-requested additions to the Network at Breakpoint. These include: native C4D file uploads, Redshift Render Network integration, streaming services, and differential upload being added to the Network, significantly increasing the usability of the Render Network.

  • Cinema 4D: Over the last few years C4D has consistently ranked as one of the most popular plugins for Octane; creating a native pathway for C4D creators to use the Render Network more efficiently removes any learning curve obstacles that may have served as a barrier for entry onto the Render Network.
  • Redshift: On the other side of the coin, like the expansion onto the iPad, adding Redshift renderer to the Render Network creates a path for thousands of creatives to use the decentralized workflow of the Render Network.
  • Streaming: Render previewed immersive streaming technologies run by nodes on Render. These will begin with internal nodes and then be opened up to decentralized nodes on the network, providing GPU based streaming services on Render. Applications for immersive streaming experiences are for real-time 3D experiences, interactive NFTs, and cinematic gaming, as well as AR / VR and holographic media.
  • Differential Upload: Introduced in Octane 2022, differential uploading allows artists to upload scenes to render, make modifications locally, and sync the local changes to the scene stored on Render with ease. This enables artists to integrate Render seamlessly into their workflows and quickly augment local rendering work with decentralized GPU cloud rendering.

Both of these features, plus the Render Network integration for the Octane X app, have been showcased and are currently in QA phases pending release.

In addition to C4D native files, Redshift and Octane X work, previewed alongside last month’s announcements and again at Breakpoint 2022 is the upcoming addition of AI tools and render jobs to the Render Network. Similar to popular AI tools like Midjourney, DALL-E and, the Render Network currently has text prompt AI generation art tools in the QA phase.

As of just this last month Midjourney was estimated to have somewhere between 3–4 million users each month. Text to image AI generation has the potential for creating a boom in job creation with even a fraction of the estimated 275,000 daily generated images from Midjourney translating into Render Network AI jobs. It’s estimated that just alone would run on 2M Octane bench, which exceeds the 1.4M concurrent Octane Bench previously reached by the Network in Q1 2022. The potential in variety and volume would be an exponential opportunity for Node Operators, and for the 100k strong waitlist of potential Node Operators, that we’ve yet to see on the Render Network to date.

Later this month, Render Network will be releasing additional BTN’s focusing on the technologies showcased at Breakpoint 2022, featuring development work on NFTs and next-generation virtual assets. In the meantime, please join the Discord and follow Render Network on Twitter for the latest news, as well as Network announcements in the coming weeks.

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