Deep-Dive: Phase III RNDR Update

A closer look at Phase III and a recap of the RNDR Network’s development trajectory.

Nov 13, 2018 · 5 min read
  • Phase 3-B
  • Phase 3-C
  • Phase 3-D

Recap of Technical Development Phases I-III

Phase I

  • Phase I was focused on integrating the RNDR Token with the existing ORC system through Metamask. At the end of this first stage, users were able to exchange RNDR tokens for rendering services using centralized third party servers.

Phase II

  • After users could redeem RNDR credits on ORC, we focused on developing a System Tray Application on Windows (with Linux support available in the near future) that is able to render ORBX files and process them through the Ethereum Blockchain, assigning RNDR tokens directly to GPU contributor crypto-wallets in return for providing their processing power to the network.
  • Please see the RNDR Network Phase II Walkthrough for more details.

Phase III-Q3

  • Since the beginning of Q3, selected nodes have started to provide their GPU power to the RNDR Network to process predetermined rendering jobs on Ropsten (Ethereum Testnet Environment).
  • In the RNDR Network Node Side Application Walkthrough we have described the steps involved for the nodes to download and run the Node-side application. These same steps will soon be followed by the users/nodes from the Genesis list and Beta Interest Form.
  • The RNDR Network released a Beta Interest survey to help get a picture of GPU supply and demand for the Beta phase of our launch. The results were astonishing, showcasing the power of a decentralized GPU compute network to scale exponentially faster than centralized structures. With over 1,100 responses, RNDR was able to accumulate over 14,000 unique GPU’s with a total OctaneBench power of over 1.5 million. The quality of the GPU’s was also very high, with over 40% of the GPU’s as premium cards.

A deep dive into Phase III

We’ve decided to split the remaining part of Phase III into four stages that will focus on specific goals:

Phase III-A:

  • Invite Genesis and Beta list members (in that order) to test network functionality and provide feedback.
  • Testing will be based on 10 pre-determined scenes.

Phase III-B

  • Artists can upload their own scenes.
  • Continuing to test how complex scenes and different node configurations are working on the Testnet.

Phase III-C:

  • Implement watermarking for RNDR escrow system.
  • More efficient job allocation and distribution.

Phase III-D:

  • Integration of RNDR token on RNDR platform and full launch on Mainnet.

Phase IV-A:

  • Users can buy RNDR Tokens on exchanges to use on platform.

A Glimpse into Phase IV

The end of 2018 is just around the corner, and we are excited about 2019 when the network will expand to offer services beyond the base layer of rendering work. As outlined in RNDR: A Photon Driven Economy, we plan for the network to grow into not just a rendering marketplace but also a creative ecosystem for producing, distributing, and monetizing holographic works. In Phase IV, the network will evolve into a marketplace where users can exchange computing power as well as virtual objects rendered on the network. We look forward to making collaboration easier in artistic pipelines and democratizing high-end rendering for a new era of widely accessible holographic media.

The Future is Holographic

OTOY has focused on developing the first end-to-end holographic pipeline with Capture (LightStage, Manifold), Render (OctaneRender, LightFields, Baking) and Stream (ORBX, X.IO). In Mixed Reality (MR) these pieces will come together to form an integrated service needed for the next generation of spatially rich computing that blends the real world and rendered content, and where capturing, rendering and streaming processes happen simultaneously. RNDR will make this possible as the hub and framework for OTOY’s internal and external development:

Stay tuned for future updates regarding the beta!

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The distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum.