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News from around the Render Network: January 26th, 2023 [Behind the Network (BTN)]

January has brought with it a new year and a slew of exciting news around the Render Network. From across all facets of the Network we’ve seen new announcements, debuting projects, Network changes and more. Let’s dive further into some of the latest in Render Network news:

Twitter Spaces w. Blake Kathryn and Bloo Woods

Kicking off this year’s Twitter Spaces with a double feature with Blake Kathryn and Bloo Woods! Blake and Bloo have been producing visually innovative work through personal and professional art, NFTs and more on the Render Network over the last few years. Their latest project is one of their largest yet, as the central visual creatives behind an upcoming campaign for one of the world’s most luxurious car brands, Porsche. Join the Render Network on Twitter next Tuesday (1/31) at 3pm ET // 12pm PT, where exclusive POAPs by Blake Kathryn will be up for grabs for participating audience members!

The Render Network Foundation and Snapshot Vote

This last week saw the establishment of the Render Network Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that has taken over both the core Render Network Repos and the Render Network brand itself. Helmed by Head of Operations Tristan Relly, Head of Communications Andrew Hyde, Foundation Advisor Ryan Shea and a board of directors including OTOY COO Trevor Harries-Jones, the Render Network Foundation is a major step in the continuing decentralization and development of the Render Network. For more information on the Render Network Foundation, check out the announcement from earlier this week and the Render Network Foundation website.

With the establishment of the Render Network Foundation, RNP-001 (v2) will also be moving ahead into the final stage of community voting to determine whether or not it will be adopted onto the Network. As a refresher on RNP-001 (v2), this proposal would see the Network adopt a new tokenomics model known as “Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium”, providing a new mechanism to achieve equilibrium and an incentive structure to help the network scale. Previous BTN posts have delved further into detail on the token model’s potential benefits and detractions, and more recently Render Network community moderator Praveen Jandu produced a thread expertly breaking down how the model would potentially impact Network users if implemented, which we highly encourage all those curious to check out.

With a wealth of information available and a new stage in the Network beginning under the Render Network Foundation, the final community vote has opened for the Render Network community to share its voice on this fundamental shift in the Render Network tokenomics model. If you would like to participate in the vote, it will be open until Tuesday (1/31) at 5pm PT // 8pm ET at:

Please let your voice be heard in the future of the Render Network.

Lil Nas X and Render Network

Tying into the Twitter Space with Blake Kathryn later this week, Lil Nas X “Long Live Montero” heavily featured visuals created by Blake using none other than the Render Network!

Utilizing the Network’s industry leading power, Blake was able to bring to life a visual world that paired seamlessly with Lil Nas X genre bending music.

Lorem’s BOXED 3D Generative Art Series Releases with Bright Moments

One of the areas we are extremely excited about for the future of NFTs and digital art in 2023 is the use of the Render Network for 3D generative art projects. As a result, this week we were thrilled to see Render Network creator Lorem release BOXED on Foundation, which is also showing at Bright Moments Berlin, one of the leading web3 digital art galleries in the world. For BOXED, Lorem leveraged the network to create a series of 100 stunning curated generative 3D animations, pushing the boundaries of 3D and generative art. As presented last year at Breakpoint, we are very excited about bringing 3D generative art tool-sets on-chain using Render Network and are looking forward to sharing details as these features are developed.

David Ariew upcoming project!

Finally, David Ariew (aka OctaneJesus), revealed that he has been using the Render Network for his latest project, “Diamond Dawn”:

While details about the full launch are coming soon, tangible effects have already been seen on the Network as a result of this project and David’s relationship with the Render Network teams: The UI for Creators has seen changes to the review and playback features.

Please cast your votes in the Snapshot vote before it closes on Tuesday (1/31), and join in on next week’s Twitter Space in order to have a chance at getting an exclusive Blake Kathryn POAP!

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