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Render Network integrates Octane 2022: January 13th, 2023[Behind-the-Network (BTN)]

Plus development notes for Octane 2022 and an exclusive #RNDR giveaway with a premier artist!

New Features in v2022.2:

  • RTX now up to ~1.6X faster
  • Fast Spectral Nested Dielectrics
  • Open Color IO color management
  • First version of Compositing nodes
  • Channel inverter
  • Channel mapper
  • Channel merge
  • Channel picker
  • Chaos texture
  • Composite texture
  • Ray switch
  • Spotlight distribution

Currently in Development for Octane 2022:

  • Metal and CUDA network render interoperability
  • Headless rendering
  • Lens effects
  • Rest position
  • Light Path Expressions
  • Full support for academy material X / OSL closures and USD export

Kyle Gordon x #RNDR Giveaway Winner:

After some setbacks within the past year or so, Multidisciplinary Artist, Creative Director, Experiential Designer, and Web3 Explorer, Kyle Gordon is anticipating an inspired and renewed creative flow in 2023.

“The Rabbit”, by Kyle Gordon

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