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The Render Network Community Input Process Launches today!

Virtual assets and avatars, in tandem with the shared virtual worlds, services and experiences that interact with them, are poised to re-define the future of commerce, art, work, ownership and education in the decades to come. Ambient computing and mixed reality devices will compete and eventually replace mobile and 2D screens as the dominant platforms we interact with. Yet, it is also apparent that these emerging technologies require new governance frameworks to meet challenges ranging from interoperability and open source standardization to moral questions of sovereignty and equity. Open, participatory, and permissionless systems should shape the future of how we communicate, create, and connect.

However, the future of global widespread access to high-end 3D graphics and holographic content creation on-demand will require exponentially greater scale to service the platforms of tomorrow. The rate of growth needed to deliver this compute capacity to many millions of concurrent participants at any moment can only be achieved through decentralized peer-to-peer architectures — not only in the backend GPU networking but also in public facing governance and economics. Through an open and decentralized architecture, a heterogeneous group of developers, creators, node providers, and community members can work together to flesh out the future of key practical steps that must be taken to enable an open metaverse to emerge out of the raw power the network can deliver. A robust participatory system is the key to the success of such an endeavor.

Today, the Render Network is launching a Community Input Process for defining the future of the network through Render Network Proposals (RNPs). The first Render Network Proposal (RNP-000) provides a template outlining the submission process for creating an addition to the network’s governance structure. The Render Network is also launching a Discord group where community members can join and discuss the future of the network. In the Discord group, there is a process for submitting and debating future RNPs, and many channels for community members to connect, debate, and collaborate on other areas in addition to network proposals like SDK services, APIs, and events.

The mission for Render Network has always been to build infrastructure, standards and services needed for an open Metaverse to emerge — by democratizing access to high end content creation workflows and software, backed by exploflops of offline and real time graphics and AI compute power. To realize this vision, the resources allocated to this effort must ultimately be open, permissionless, accessible to all, and operate frictionlessly between many software toolchains. The governance process provides a mechanism for community members, industry organizations, and open-source developers to come together to build this future on an equal playing field with shared incentives. With a diverse group of stakeholders and a community working together, it is possible to efficiently bootstrap the foundational computing infrastructure for an open metaverse that is accessible to all, supporting hundreds of millions of parallel users, and incorporating the lessons learned from the success and failures of the open web over the last 25 years — with personal privacy, safety, commercial provenance, and more through through at every step.

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