A Photon Driven Economy

By Jules Urbach

Sep 8, 2017 · 10 min read
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  • These base “manufacturing” costs in our system are measured in units of virtual RNDR token energy spent bouncing photons of light through an object or scene, until it appears completely real inside our fully simulated world, backed by the actual laws of spectral physics (up to the diffraction limit of light).
  • The semantic history of every photon rendered and every surface evaluated in a render job is encoded in the blockchain and can be used to validate the original ORBX package file, scene graph, creator defined input/output limits per graph node (e.g. runtime eval of script/job node), and the authors of each sub-asset (texture, mesh, script). This allows vectors of token value to flow back to authors in whatever way they choose, and to assign commercial token flow terms for loading and using their published ORBX packaged nodes inside a render job.
  1. Isn’t portable (as we learned building Autodesk streaming service on EC2 for Revit, Max and Maya in 2013)
  2. Doesn’t exist on an OS we want to render on (3DS Max is PC only)
  3. Is not commercially available for distributed usage based rendering
  1. OTOY and Facebook at F8 announced a partnership with ORBX as the interchange format for the Facebook 360 6DOF cameras. In this case the ORBX scene is generated as a reverse rendering job on ORC (e.g. Light Field camera captures are loaded into a lua module that generates depth maps, then exports a renderable .ocs+ORBX file). This is an important milestone for mapping out ORBX’s value as a renderable format for photogrammetry captures — which will almost certainly need to move to real time (just as path tracing) to support ideal mixed reality composition, and IOT sensor or drone swarm processing.

The RNDR Network

The First Blockchain GPU Rendering Network and 3D…

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