Next week RNDR will head up to Vancouver for SIGGRAPH, one of the world’s largest and longest standing computer graphics event.

Aug 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Here is a preview of OTOY Co-Founder and CEO Jules Urbach’s talks at the NVIDIA and Unity booths unveiling the future of OctaneRender and RNDR blockchain development.

Co-Founder and CEO of OTOY, Jules Urbach will be presenting revolutionary new technology at SIGGRAPH 2018 showcasing OctaneRender 4 AI accelerated real-time path traced rendering and detailing the roadmap for OctaneRender 2018 and 2019, which includes a RNDR SDK for holographic mixed reality creation and distribution. In addition to talks at the NVIDIA and Unity booths, the OTOY & RNDR team will have a dedicated booth walking the community through OTOY’s recent technology development. The booth will showcase stunning 16K OctaneRender imagery on next generation immersive displays and provide the latest demos of AI-accelerated real-time GPU path-tracing, light field rendering, and mixed reality media.


OTOY’s talks are taking place at the leading companies in GPU and real time graphics. Below is more information about each of the events:

Octane 2018 for Unity: Cinematic and Holographic Media on the RNDR Blockchain

Join Jules Urbach as he takes the audience through a preview of the upcoming release of OctaneRender® 2018 and upcoming features in OctaneRender 2018 for Unity. Jules will also discuss the latest in holographic rendering and its application on OTOY’s RNDR Network. He’ll cover the goals and challenges of deploying a fully decentralized GPU ray tracing and streaming platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain, including lessons learned from stakeholders and industry partners, as well as how future phases of RNDR will unlock modular IP rights management of holographic media and AR services through the blockchain.

Tuesday, August 14th, 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM PST at Unity Zone (MR 18).

Octane 4 with RTX Ray Tracing: The Future of GPU VFX and Holographic Media on the RNDR Blockchain

A deep dive into how OctaneRender 4 RTX Ray Tracing acceleration is a game changer for the future of GPU-rendering, VFX, and Holographic media.

Tuesday, August 14th, 5:30 PM — 5:55 PM PST at NVIDIA Booth (#801).

SIGGRAPH 2018 represents a major milestone in graphics technology, bringing cinematic path-traced rendering to real time graphics pipelines for the first time, setting the stage for OctaneRender 2018 and 2019 development, which will take OctaneRender from real-time to holographic and mixed reality rendering and will be integrated into the RNDR SDK and RNDR Blockchain. OctaneRender 4 completes production ready GPU path-tracing for VFX and Game rendering pipelines and fits within a rich history of OTOY pioneering unbiased GPU path tracing and holographic media. Below is a recap of previous major releases at SIGGRAPH.

The History of OTOY at SIGGRAPH

Jules Urbach, CEO at OTOY an RNDR, has been an influential voice in SIGGRAPH conferences leading the graphics industry towards unbiased GPU rendering architectures and open interoperable holographic media formats since his first conference in 2013.

In 2013, Jules gave a talk titled “The Convergence of Cinema and Games: From Performance Capture to Final Render”, where he presented his vision for real-time visual effects and game graphics delivered by OTOY’s cloud service using NVIDIA GPUs. That year, he officially presented Octane to the attendees. Jules was also part of a panel about the state of the union in 3D graphics and feature film visual effects — with mediaworkstations.net President Christopher Johnson, NVIDIA Senior VFX Engineer Wil Braithwaite and Feature Film Visual Effects Artist Billy Brooks. On the panel, Jules shared his insight on the biggest breakthroughs of Octane 1, which set the industry on a path towards unbiased GPU rendering workflows.

Jules’s second presentation of OctaneRender at SIGGRAPH was in 2014, with a talk titled “From Tent-Pole to Indie: How OctaneRender is Changing the Industry”, where he updated everyone on OctaneRender’s advances made during the previous year and announced the OctaneRender 2 release — built around high fidelity product design and architectural visualization and setting the foundations for photorealistic, responsive, production-ready GPU-accelerated VFX rendering. In 2014, Jules demonstrated how OctaneRender democratized high-end visual effects, providing artists tools on par with Hollywood studios at a fraction of the cost. Further OctaneRender’s GPU-accelerated interactive Viewport opened up new dimensions of creative freedom, allowing artists to set cameras, lights, and materials without time consuming iterations.

In 2016, Jules transitioned to the next generation of immersive media presenting “Light Field Rendering and Streaming for VR & AR”. In the talk, Jules presented OctaneRender 3’s production ready cinematic rendering pipeline and discussed OTOY’s cutting edge light field rendering toolset and platform. The attendees learned how the company’s light field rendering technology enabled immersive experiences on mobile HMDs and next generation mixed reality VR and AR displays. He shared the development of the world’s first portable 360 LightStage capture system and the OctaneRender Cloud [ORC] graphics platform for creating and streaming light field media. Using ORC as a foundation, RNDR dramatically expands GPU cloud scale using the blockchain to organized a decentralized p2p network of GPUs that anyone can join.

About SIGGRAPH: Setting the Cutting-Edge of CG

SIGGRAPH is the annual conference on computer graphics convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. It’s a five-day immersion into the latest innovations in CG, Animation, VR, Games, Digital Art, Mixed Reality and Emerging Technologies.

The conference is attended by tens of thousands of computer professionals. Past conferences have been held in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Boston, Vancouver, and elsewhere in North America. SIGGRAPH Asia, a second yearly conference, has been held since 2008 in various Asian countries.

This year’s edition will take place between August 12 and 16 in Vancouver, Canada.

During the event week keep an eye on RNDR and OTOY’s Twitter accounts and follow the latest news from Vancouver!

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