RNDR Genesis Bonus Executed!

We have released a 20% bonus to Genesis participants.

Dec 5, 2018 · 2 min read

The RNDR Network would like to thank our current Genesis token holders for completing the form we sent out a few weeks ago. Your submissions have been very helpful for cross-referencing with the information that we currently have, making this process fair and safe to all participants.

We would also like to thank the community for being patient with us the past few months on the Genesis bonus.

Zeppelin Solutions has been on the forefront of smart contract security auditing for major blockchain projects. After sharing our Genesis bonus repository with them, we are happy to share their results.

To summarize, the Zeppelin team categorizes smart-contract code based on vulnerability and severity. These categories are as follows: critical severity, high severity, medium severity, and low severity. Based on their review, we are happy to say that we had no aspects of our smart contract code that could be considered critically vulnerable.

After receiving the first round of feedback from Zeppelin, the RNDR blockchain developers focused on fixing all issues that were highlighted. As a result of this work, all issues have been solved and updated (as seen in italics under each segment). We also did another round of approval with the Zeppelin team to ensure that all major and minor vulnerabilities were resolved.

All token holders should now check their initial Genesis wallets to ensure that a 20% bonus was added to their balance. If not, please feel free to reach out to genesissale@rendertoken.com.

Coming up:

  • In the coming weeks, we will also be releasing information about a token swap that users will need to do in order to prepare them for the Mainnet launch. We will also provide an easy walk-through to simplify this process for all token holders.
  • We will be sharing some statistics from the current Beta users on how the network is functioning. Some metrics will include: number of requesters and providers (as well as their geographical distribution), the amount of frames rendered, total network capacity, OB scores, and other metrics.

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Render Token

The distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum.


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http://www.rendertoken.com Render Token (RNDR) - the distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum. Contact: info@rendertoken.com

Render Token

The distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum.

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