RNDR Genesis Mainnet Preview

The RNDR Team is happy to release the Genesis Mainnet - this blog post provides more information about the Genesis release

Jun 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Overview of Genesis Mainnet

As of the Genesis Mainnet Release, the RNDR Network will be migrating from the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet to the Ethereum Mainnet. As a result, all work on the network will be done using fully functional RNDR Tokens. To date, since Phase I in early 2018, users have been able to redeem RNDR Tokens for GPU Compute tasks on the OctaneRender Cloud (ORC) network for production GPU rendering. Additionally, on the Ethereum peer-to-peer Testnet, we have processed almost a half a million frames with over a hundred forty users testing decentralized rendering. With the Genesis Mainnet release, RNDR Tokens are now available for production decentralized GPU rendering

  • Node Regions that allow decentralized GPU nodes to be clustered efficiently to serve decentralized rendering demand. Regions also allow node tiering for Higher and Lower priority rendering work, enabling users to optimize their preferences for speed, security, performance, and cost.
  • Encryption to enable the secure asset distribution across a decentralized network, with encrypted uploading and downloading. When you upload an ORBX file, the scene file is encrypted and stays that way at rest.
  • Additional features can be viewed in prior RNDR Token Update Blog Posts
Artist depositing RNDR tokens into their account
Artist configuring job settings and rendering on the network
Artist approving successfully completed frames
Artist downloading completed and approved frames in PNG format
Miner benchmarking their node configuration using the Render Client
Miner processing a rendering task for an artist on the network

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The First Blockchain GPU Rendering Network and 3D…

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