RNDR Joins a Social Alpha Foundation Event with Leading NFT Artists Supporting the Open Earth Foundation Creating ARTIVISM

RNDR is excited to announce they are taking part in a Social Alpha Foundation event, collaborating with the Open Earth Foundation and leading crypto artists on a carbon negative auction of climate inspired artwork in the name of charity

Render Network
Render Network


It’s a new age story with age old consequences. A story of a plight that will affect every living being on planet Earth. As climate change becomes more prevalent by the day, we will see increasing forest fires, melting ice caps, coral reef decay, and species disappearing altogether. All of these disasters can cause catastrophic cascading effects, making life less habitable for all living beings on Earth. As the driving force behind an exponential increase in carbon emissions, it falls to humanity as a collective to take responsibility and make meaningful change towards reducing our carbon output. RNDR is working with the Open Earth Foundation, 8 leading crypto artists, and Social Alpha Foundation towards this goal through a new age of digital artivism.

Artivism has the ability to showcase activism through artwork, provoking thought, emotion, and action. Climate inspired original art pieces were created for this auction with messages of how climate change is impacting our home planet, perfectly aligning with the Open Earth Foundation’s missions as a charity. These pieces will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to the Open Earth Foundation, a 501c non-profit organization. The Open Earth Foundation’s vision is to fund research of open digital infrastructure that will aid in the sustainable use of Earth’s resources and help conserve fragile ecosystems.

Non-fungible token (NFT) artwork has gained the reputation as being carbon intensive due to the nature of proof of work blockchains on which they are created. NFTs are collectible tokens that can be exchanged on the blockchain, maintaining a publicly verifiable history of ownership from original creation to present ownership. That is why this concord has decided their artwork will be carbon negative to ensure a net-negative impact.

Who are the visionaries?


Powering the next generation of Media

RNDR is the first decentralized GPU rendering platform, a powerful network that has the ability to create not only astounding works of cinematic, digital, and architectural beauty, but is used by many world leading cryptoartists, engineers, game developers, and designers, pushing the boundaries of 3D content creation. The network allows for extensive creative freedom and futuristic levels of realism, providing a sense of security only possible through the blockchain, all at astounding value compared to other rendering services. The RNDR Network is a high-performance distributed GPU rendering network that facilitates a peer-to-peer marketplace between GPU providers and GPU requestors, providing artists with near unlimited GPU compute power to render next generation 3D experiences. This process allows GPU owners to be the power behind creators’ works.

RNDR’s power comes from over 60,000 OctaneBench that’s available for rendering at any given time, and a potential pool of GPUs eclipsing other commercial render farms. Anew golden age of CGI content is possible thanks to the power of RNDR. Jules Urbach, RNDR Founder and CEO, speaks to the need to focus on the environmental impact of emerging technologies like RNDR:

“When we launched RNDR in 2017, our goal was to build an open, decentralized platform to help artists create next generation 3D and holographic experiences. Since then I’ve been astounded by what our users have been able to produce on the network, developing thriving independent careers creating blockchain cryptoart. Nevertheless, everyone in the industry recognizes the need to reduce carbon emissions. RNDR partially helps solve this issue by more efficiently coordinating global GPU compute supply and demand, leading to less waste of compute resources. But that is clearly not enough to meet the challenges of accelerating Climate Change. By democratizing high end 3D content creation, RNDR empowers anyone with a creative vision to produce digital art that has the power to change the world. We are thrilled to see artists use RNDR to both help spread awareness and raise funds for the climate emergency that we face globally, and are proud to support the Climate Drop.”

RNDR is donating 500 CO2e tons in carbon offsets to ensure this climate inspired artwork is carbon negative. The carbon credits assigned to the artwork are from the Madre de Dios Amazon REDD+ Peru Project, actively preserving the Amazon rainforest. By protecting the rainforest from deforestation, we are allowing the forest to act as a carbon sink, absorbing 600 million tons per year of carbon from the atmosphere. The offsets in this auction are preserving approximately 173 hectares of preserved rainforest.

The Open Earth Foundation

Creating Planetary Resistance

The Open Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to use innovation and research to contribute a solution to achieving global net-zero carbon emissions. With three methods for achieving this goal, this non-profit is breaking through the human comfort zone where we humans like to sit and turn a blind eye to a time sensitive crisis. By creating an open and decentralized digital infrastructure for climate data, essentially a ‘climate internet’, those who pledge to decrease their carbon emissions can be held accountable, transparently and efficiently tracking the progress on the Paris Agreement.

The research based non-profit focuses on creating solutions where as a collective we have yet to find one. Dr. Martin Weinstein, the founder of the Open Earth Foundation, speaks to the core values of the non-profit and the importance of coming at the climate crisis from all angles:

“This is an unprecedented event. We’ve been working on the intersection of emerging tech and global climate management for the last 4 years, outlining how distributed ledgers can play a central role in this. So we launched the Open Earth Foundation to specifically spearhead open and decentralised digital infrastructure in support of the Paris Agreement. Getting the artists to support this work is extremely meaningful and inspiring. And this is also about them, amplifying their voice on environmental concerns at both the global level but also on their growing sector. I mostly hope this drop keeps raising awareness that climate change is the most existential challenge to humanity, and we all have an active role to be part of the solution”

OpenClimate is a project that is developing a system to track and hold us collectively accountable for humanity’s carbon emissions. This project directly supports the targets set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement, where we have yet to come close to these targets. For global stocktake of CO2e, countries still rely on manual processes to track inventories, leading to long and costly processes. Those who participate in the global stocktake does not include non-state actors, such as companies, cities and local governments. This is why to meet the target of global net-zero emissions by 2050, an accountability and management system is much needed.

Through smart contracts and digital currencies, the OpenFinance project opens the doors to secure and democratize investment towards community based climate and clean energy projects.

OpenCollabathon stems from the fact that we have yet to successfully use the most simplistic solution available to us that we have yet to master; collaboration with others. Multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations allow for access to information and expertise while having the ability to learn from stakeholders and experts.

Social Alpha Foundation

Blockchain technology for social good

The Social Alpha Foundation’s fundamental belief is that blockchain technology can and should be used to empower those who are creating a better future for our society. Social Alpha Foundation is an educator of blockchain technology, focusing on outreach to empower communities to utilize this technology for the betterment of humankind, and connecting communities and stakeholders that can contribute in different ways towards these shared goals. The innovative use of blockchain technology is a method to create futuristic, radical solutions to the largest problem our society faces, climate change.

It was a natural match then that the Social Alpha Foundation would be a founding grantor for the Open Earth Foundation. As a non-profit grant-making organization, SAF saw that the Open Earth Foundation has been working towards finding a global solution to the largest plight humanity has ever faced through the use of bleeding edge technology.

Jehan Chu, co-founder of the Social Alpha Foundation, speaks to a merging of worlds and cross-sector collaboration allowing for monumental opportunities with advanced technological solutions. His statement expresses true belief in the Open Earth Foundations work aligning with their own charities missions:

“Earth’s dire situation requires an audacious solution, and OpenEarth’s plan to address climate change through blockchain-based reporting will bring carbon transparency and accountability to the world. Social Alpha Foundation is proud to have been the Founding Sponsor of Dr. Martin Weinstein and OpenEarth and are excited to double down our grant in this next chapter.”

Who is creating the climate inspired, carbon positive artwork for the auction?

The creation of artwork with a timely story

Artwork can speak without words, can paint a picture of a time unknown, and can provoke the deepest of thoughts and emotions. Art has always had this ability to provoke its admirers. The shocking veracity of the artwork that will be available for auction was born from the love of mother nature and the necessity to raise awareness of what she is enduring.

The impetus behind this charitable digital art auction was born from the idea that we need to recognize the climate crisis we are experiencing more tangibly. We collectively need to feel it in order to feel the need to change it. This artwork is expressive with the intent to draw out emotion, building on the driving forces to create actionable change. This artwork is artivism.

The artists that have donated one-of-a-kind artwork in honor of supporting climate change solutions are:



Andres Reisinger

Refik Anadol


Kyle Gordon

Sara Ludy

Mieke Marple

If digital artwork, rendered on one of the fastest networks to exist, donating all sale proceeds to a charity wasn’t enough, this NFT artwork is carbon negative. Each piece of artwork is offset above its carbon footprint, ensuring that in every way possible, those contributing to this charitable event are supporting planet Earth. The carbon credits assigned to the artwork will offset the rendering process of the artwork, reducing its impact on the planet.

How to take part in the auction

The auction for this artwork will take place on https://niftygateway.com/, beginning on March 20th 2021 at 9:00 PST and ending on March 22nd 2021.

To take part in the auction of climate inspire NFT art visit www.carbondrop.art

To read more about RNDR visit www.rendertoken.com

To get started with RNDR today visit know.rendertoken.com

To read more about the Open Earth Foundation visit www.openearth.foundation

To read more about the Social Alpha Foundation visit https://www.socialalphafoundation.org/



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