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RNDR listing on Huobi March 25th — GMT+8

RNDR is excited to list on Huobi — March 25th GMT +8

RNDR is excited to announce we will be listing on Huobi beginning on March 25th. Deposit begins: 11:00AM GMT +8; Trading begins: 14:00PM GMT +8. Huobi is one of the world’s largest exchanges, which will allow RNDR to provide improved liquidity for network operators and enable RNDR to continue scaling its decentralized GPU rendering network and 3D marketplace.

Understanding RNDR

RNDR is the first blockchain based peer-to-peer GPU compute network and 3D marketplace that seamlessly scales across multiple GPUs, pooling a network of decentralized GPU compute power to provide exponentially more GPU cloud rendering capacity than what the centralized GPU cloud offers. Through affordable and powerful rendering capability, RNDR is helping to make high end 3D content creation accessible and widely distributed for the first time. For more information on the RNDR network, you can explore the RNDR Knowledge Base.

RNDR is built on OctaneRender, the industry’s first and fastest spectrally correct GPU render engine, and is based on a 2009 patent for tokenized server side rendering, introducing the first decentralized GPU rendering network to the market. In 2017, the network immediately released Phase 1, which enabled users to pay for GPU rendering jobs with RNDR Tokens, and subsequently completed Phase I and II in 2018 with the release of the RNDR Client. RNDR publicly launched the network at on April 27th, 2020. Graduating from the Genesis Mainnet release in 2019, RNDR has continued to scale and build out the network since its initial launch, and to date has interest from over 14,000 high-end GPU nodes.

Over the past year, RNDR has been used by the world’s leading cryptoartists to create cutting edge blockchain digital art, most recently in the charity CarbonDrop auction. The network is also used by tens of thousands of motion designers, VFX artists, game developers, product designers, architects, and scientists to push the boundaries of 3D content creation. For a comprehensive overview of more information on recent RNDR milestones, please read the network’s 2020 First Half and Year End updates.

The Future with RNDR

As it stands, the rendering demand for CGI media vastly outpaces the GPU infrastructure supply available, while cloud options provide an expensive solution that can be a barrier for entry for smaller creators. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency mining has a latent pool of over 2-million GPUs that oftentimes sit idle or out of use. RNDR bridges the gap between latent GPU supply and creator demand, powering the next generation of 3D content creation.

By utilizing the RNDR Network, node operators can choose to monetize their idle GPUs by processing renders in exchange for RNDR Tokens. RNDR tokens can then be used within the network to render 3D content or be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies in order to pay operational costs. See our CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap pages for all up to date listings as well as our RNDR Token Metrics summary.

Through the ORBX scene-graph technology, which provides deep chain of authorship, RNDR is poised to solve emerging digital rights challenges, providing a scalable and tamper-resistant source of trust for complex 3D and holographic works. Through OctaneRender, RNDR has developed the foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage over other GPU cloud options, providing users with an end-to-end blockchain based solution that has been built from the ground up by the RNDR team.

RNDR will be listed on Huobi beginning March 25th. We are excited to welcome new users to RNDR.

Please see the RNDR Knowledge Base for more information about using the network, and all current OctaneRender subscribers can access RNDR at If you are interested in operating a RNDR Node, please complete the RNDR Interest Form.




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