RNDR Network Phase III Update

The past month and a half, we have focused on stress-testing the RNDR Network. We are happy to share some of network stats, technical updates, and a preview of the Genesis Mainnet launch.

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We have implemented and tested the following features for the Artist and Miner sides of the network:


  • Implemented a tiered node system for job assignment, and tiered user system enabling access to different node types
  • Updated job previews to include rich visual information and prioritize important job information
  • Updated pages to be more mobile friendly and cleaned up in-page animations and transitions
  • Enabled Denoised Outputs for latest Octane AI-accelerated rendering
  • Fixed bugs related to miner payouts and made security improvements
  • Improved query and page load speed, and rapid email notifications for real-time job tracking
  • Added the ability to ban bad actors from the network


  • Improved communications protocol with the central server to stabilize job assignment and prevent some job timeouts and missing assignments
  • Updated to Octane SDK 2018.1.3
  • Increased stability in OctaneBench score calculations to prevent unexpected re-triggering of OctaneBench node score calculation
  • Fixed some failure conditions in the downloading stage to prevent freezes
  • Client will display different reasons for GPU performance throttling
  • Client will display an error message if the installed Nvidia drivers do not meet Octane’s minimum required version
  • Multilingual support for error messages & general stability improvements

We are very grateful for the amazing work our Beta testers have been doing, providing us with feedback to improve the network functionality for launch. We are also happy to announce that as of this phase, we have invited ALL Genesis holders to join the network on both the artist and miner side.

Below are some statistics from this testing period, as we transition from testnet to mainnet. During this period, we have focused on inducing failures to find and correct as many edge cases as we can for smoothly functioning decentralized rendering:

  • # of frames successfully rendered: 454,236
  • # of users: 142
  • # of bug reports: 174
  • # of resolved bug reports: 162
  • Most nodes on the network at once: ~92

As we prepare for Mainnet launch at the end of this month, we will be gradually bringing in more users to test the network’s capabilities and expand the user base to increase capacity of our decentralized rendering platform. Furthermore, we will be transitioning from the Demo to the Full version of Octane, allowing users to test without resolution and output restrictions, allowing us to test production-grade decentralized rendering.

The Genesis Mainnet Release is on schedule for June 24, where we will be migrating from test to real RNDR Network tokens on the Ethereum mainnet. To support the release we will be inviting Genesis users onto the system with a number of complimentary full RNDR tokens to use the network with the full version of Octane 2018, without watermarks or resolution constraints. We will be releasing additional information about the Genesis Mainnet closer to the 24th. You can also read the latest Week 23 Reddit Beta Update for more on product updates, including the announcement of Octane X at WWDC.

Finally, in advance of the Mainnet, please remember to migrate your tokens from the old RNDR contract to the new contract in order to use the network. You can read instructions here. We also will begin notifying users that have not yet migrated as well as include update notifications in the interface.

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Render Token

The distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum.