Announcing a partnership linking decentralized rendering and decentralized storage

Nov 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Dear RNDR Community,

We are pleased to announce an official partnership with Sia to bring their decentralized storage platform to the RNDR network as we roll out development and our roadmap over the next six months.

As RNDR scales, there will be a need for storage in order to distribute and process the load of jobs that will go back and forth on the network. And because RNDR requires dynamic uptime, decentralized solutions are the only practical solution to meet the demand.

By utilizing Sia’s already built out infrastructure, we are able to store various pieces of the RNDR task on many secure nodes across the globe. Doing this gives us a significant advantage over any centralized solution, as it gives us near-constant uptime and removes single solution risk. The result: significantly lower access costs with performance that can rival and ultimately surpass traditional CDN solutions.

The Sia partnership is the first of an entire ecosystem of partnerships that will form the RNDR economy — it is also one of the most important. With over 70,000 file contracts and 300TB of data on their platform across six continents, Sia’s credibility is unmatched and proves that blockchain solutions are delivering on their promise today.

This integration will be built into Phase 2 beta and Phase 3 launch of our peer-to-peer platform, providing the decentralized data solution that we need in order to scale and sustain growth in our RNDR network.

David Vorick, co-founder of Sia, sees the potential for decentralized rendering integrating with Sia:

“The past decade has seen the emergence of numerous disruptive marketplaces, and the product being built at RNDR is bringing that same power to the rendering industry. At Sia, we’re honored to be able to assist RNDR with their goals by providing a storage solution for the projects and renderings that move through the RNDR network.

Jules Urbach, co-founder and CEO of OTOY, comments on the potential of decentralized rendering with Sia storage:

The RNDR partnership with Sia will provide low-latency storage for our users within 50 milliseconds of every major city in the world at nearly 1/100 of the price. Our combination of rendering and storage is a complete solution that far surpasses any centralized graphics pipeline at a price point that will make the future of media possible.

- RNDR Team

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Render Token

The distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum.


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RNDR Team Render Token (RNDR) - the distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum. Contact:

Render Token

The distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace powered by Ethereum.

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