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RNDR Turns One!

Paving the way to the Metaverse

It has been quite the year for RNDR! Render Token started with a vision to make distributed rendering and streaming services widespread and accessible to artists, studios and creatives of all shapes and sizes. RNDR brings a smooth and easy rendering experience to the end-user, allowing anything from basic digital assets, to complex mixed reality experiences, and virtual objects, all created with one click of a button. The RNDR Network provides endless creativity, ensuring your visions push the boundaries and are brought to life.

When we publicly released on April 27th 2020, after testing for over a year, we look back and see the progress our team and all the users have made. In just 12 short months, the RNDR Network is now used by the world’s most notable NFT artists, motion designers, VFX artists, game developers, product designers, architects, and scientists all working together to push the boundaries of 3D content creation.

We have some incredible highlights from the past year for you guys to read about. Take a look at creations from RNDR users and see what they have to say about the RNDR Network:

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See some works of art that were rendered on the RNDR Network

Left: Tangled by Taranveer Singh. Right: Evolution by Brilly
deadmau5 ‘Pomegranate’ music video, rendered using OctaneRender with shots processed on RNDR

Where was RNDR seen this past year?

Jules Urbach at GTC

In May 2020 at GTC, Jules Urbach (CEO of OTOY and RNDR) spoke about the future of OTOY, OctaneRender, and RNDR. Jules presented RNDR to the world and showed its potential to be the fastest and largest rendering network of its kind to date, paving the way for his vision of rendering the Metaverse and bringing virtual assets to the forefront of our reality. He further spoke about these points in the 2021 GTC talk, watch it here.

Carbon Drop 2021

8 NFTs that were auctioned off for charity at #CarbonDrop

In March 2021, RNDR was the key partner for the #CarbonDrop fundraising event, brought to us by our friends at Open Earth Foundation. We saw NFTs from Kyle Gordon, Beeple, FVCKRENDER, Sara Ludy, Mieke Marple, GMUNK, Refik Anadol, and Andres Resigner. The entire event was carbon offset to ensure a reduced environmental impact, with a main focus on preserving the Amazon Rainforest. In just 3 short days, the event raised $6.6 million dollars towards sustainable initiatives and creating a global carbon accounting system.

Making Headlines

Jules Urbach, CEO of Otoy and RNDR

RNDR is picking up media attention on other fronts as well, with Jules making a guest appearance on CNBC just recently in March. In his segment, he spoke about the future of NFTs and how this recent surge in NFT interest was just the tip of the iceberg for not only the 3D rendering industry, but for the way consumers perceive digital assets and entertainment.

Exchange Listings

During this past year, RNDR has been listed on several exchanges, including, KuCoin, and Huobi. The increased demand for the token on the network side has led to increased demand for liquidity in the market for artists. We look forward to continuing the listing process with other future exchange providers and will look to continue to partner with world-class exchanges in order to increase the ease of use and flexibility of our network.

Additionally, RNDR partnered with Coinbase Custody, one of the leading digital custodian services for cryptocurrencies. This integration allows for RNDR to provide an easy on-boarding experience for larger studios and artists, bridging the learning gap that may exist with some of these bigger companies and the blockchain industry.

Layer 2 Integration

Miners are the powerhouse of the RNDR network, providing the crucial GPU processing power to render creative works efficiently and effectively. With our Layer 2 upgrade, miners will soon get paid faster than ever for their contribution to the network.

Why Layer 2 for RNDR? For starters, creators now have a more cost effective way of rendering their creations on the network, avoiding congestion. Because it’s separated from the Layer 1 (ETH) network, we can directly interact with users without pushing a costly and time-consuming transaction across Ethereum for everything. It’s the equivalent of moving a car from NYC rush-hour to a 6 lane highway in the rural suburbs.

Additionally, RNDR on Layer 2 creates a much more eco-friendly payment system, reducing the energy consumption of the underlying blockchain infrastructure. The bottom line is, we want to make the process easier than ever for our miners and creators.

The Alex Ross RNDR Archive

RNDR presents the Alex Ross Archive as the first NFT series released on RNDR. The archive is built to capture the legendary comic book artist’s lifetime of works on the blockchain using RNDR’s full stack of capture, render, and streaming technologies and will be available at AlexRoss.X.IO. The Alex Ross Archive is the first of many upcoming RNDR’s NFT releases and you can see an in-depth preview of the future of RNDR Archive NFTs in Jules Urbach’s GTC 2021 presentation.

Listen to Jules Urbach speak about the Alex Ross RNDR Archive

Thank you!

Last but not least, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank YOU, the RNDR community, for your unwavering support. Whether you’re a rendering hobbyist, a crypto enthusiast, or a 5 screen VFX power user, you all made this year superb! We are extremely proud of what our users have created on RNDR, we hope that a year from now we’ll again look back and see this as just the tip of the iceberg of the network’s growth.

Stay tuned, as we have some very special announcements coming soon. We can’t wait to see what this next year brings for RNDR!

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