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The Return of the Render Network Newsletter

With the end of 2022 coming up fast, the Render Network is excited to announce not an end, but a new beginning! The Render Network newsletter is making a return after a few months hiatus, with a new format, new content and new features for those signing up!

For those looking to stay in the loop on the latest in Render Network news, catch-up on discussions that may have slipped through the cracks or look into cool creations from around the world of the Render Network, the Render Network newsletter will be the one-stop-shop for all things Render Network in an easy to read email. And for those worried about overflowing an inbox already clogged with emails: the Render Network newsletter is bi-monthly, so only the most important Render Network news that you’ll want to read is included.

The Render Network has gone to space! Render Network was proud to contribute NFTs to the inaugural Dreambound Orbital payload, which delivered a slew of NFTs from projects around the Metaverse to the ISS. The bounds of human imagination are limitless, and Render Network is proud to be a part of the journey of human creative expansion into the stars with Dreambound Orbital!

To those looking to sign up, please go to and enter your email address on the landing page.

Or click the following link to sign up and receive a special sign up bonus, courtesy of the Render Network team.

Be on the lookout for the next BTN, which will be a 2022 year-end recap on all things Render Network!

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