Solve: A tool for kickstarting your Machine Learning success

At Rendsolve, we aim to make the delay from starting a machine to be able to practice and tune models, to as little as possible.

For this reason, we are creating and especially tailoring a new tool, called solve, which will allow you to access to a number of auto-contained Machine Learning Projects, which are downloaded into your user area, along with all the needed datasets and pretrained models.

Available commands

Firstly, solve will be an included tool in your Machine Learning instances (Started from capsules). Here we will list the most common operations provided by solve.

List all available projects:

In order to list the available projects prepared by the staff, you execute on the instance CLI, the following command:

solve list

And a list of al de available projects and its descriptions will be shown.

Install a determined project:

If you want to install a project, after you’ve chosen its name, you bring the project into your current directory with the command:

solve install <project_name>

Search for a project:

You can search for a project, based on your current learning or practicing need, via the following command line:

solve search <keywords>

And that’s it! Stay tuned for new tutorials about practical real life usage of this new tool!