THE INCREDIBLES 2 is coming to the Hiway Theater

The Incredibles are coming to the Hiway this June!

We are opening THE INCREDIBLES 2 at the Hiway on Friday, June 15th. Tickets are now on sale!

Wait — why is the Hiway getting a big, Disney title that is going to play at multiplexes? I thought you were an independent theater?

Well, we are. But, first and foremost, we area community theater. And we thought that getting a film like THE INCREDIBLES 2 would be a good fit as an opportunity to show a film our local students and families can enjoy to kick off the summer.

Being a single screen nonprofit theater is a challenge, especially in this new Netflix / Amazon Prime day and age. It is a real frustration — to us and our audience — that we can only show one movie at a time. Each film appeals to certain people, while other community members may not be interested. There is a lot of juggling in an attempt to try to rotate films and provide a good mix.

It is exciting to have THE INCREDIBLES 2 available at the Hiway this summer, and a great fit since we haven’t had a family-friendly title in a while. And we can also do things here at the Hiway that the big multiplexes can’t. We hope to bring in some guest speakers and are working on a special event for Father’s Day. Stay tuned for announcements with more information and dates.

We also have some family-friendly fun in the works. For opening weekend (Fri, June 15-Sun, June 17), anyone dressed as a superhero will get free popcorn. We will also have a “Draw Your Own Superhero” station set up in the lobby where anyone can draw a superhero that will be displayed at the theater and will also be featured in a special pre-show before the movie.

We will also be suspending our “no children under 6” policy for the full run of the film.

Your ticket purchases help to support Jenkintown’s historic Hiway Theater. We hope you can join us for THE INCREDIBLES 2 this summer, and come back for special themed events during the run of the movie.

The Incredibles 2
PG — 2 hrs 6 min (including 8min short) —in 2D — d: Brad Bird
Pixar’s newest animated feature picks up the story of the superhero Incredibles family, but this time with new threats beyond super villains. Elastigirl springs into action to save the day while her husband Mr. Incredible, faces his greatest challenge yet, taking care of his three children. A hilarious and thoughtful summer film with something to offer for all audiences. Presented with the short film BAO starring a cute dumpling that comes to life.