Find Hidden NFT Prizes in reNFT’s White Elephant Holiday Game, Now Using Chainlink VRF to Randomize Prize Drawing

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Have you seen white elephants roaming the NFT space lately? They are wandering NFT marketplaces now! The 2020 White Elephant Holiday Game by reNFT is here!

What is this Holiday NFT game?

It is a fun holiday-themed game packed with strategy and an emotional roller-coaster that is fueled by Chainlink’s VRF solution (verifiable randomness function) live on mainnet. This integration enables the NFT game to randomly assign each participant an “opening order” on their ticket. This is the order that they unwrap their NFT gift. In White Elephant games, the lowest number gets to choose their gift last, leading to that player receiving the most valuable prize.

How does the game work?

Simply put, each player purchases an NFT ticket as an entry to the event.

Purchase Here.

On the day of the event (currently set to begin January 4th), each user takes turns in the order assigned to them by the Chainlink VRF solution, to unwrap a “gift” (an actual NFT from the prize pool) or “steal” one from others that have already been unwrapped! Naughty, indeed.

If stolen from, a user can “unwrap” a new gift and cannot be stolen from again…as per traditional white elephant rules.

Every participant will walk away with an NFT prize!

What’s in the prize pool?

It is packed with slick NFTs you don’t want to miss.

We have selected unique NFTs from a variety of the top NFT projects, blockchain gaming experiences, and digital artists out there! A few of the fun NFTs up for grabs:

  • A one of a kind “Chainlink Wealth Card” by Forexus.
  • Nerd Axie Infinity with a seashell on its head — check.
  • We love this one. The cute uniAxie with a feather tail. This one is cute and is always happy. Needs a loving home.
  • A few others in the mix!
  • Further, there are NFTs from a variety of projects in the space including Avastars, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox, and many more!

And many many more to be announced.

When is the event?

Tickets are currently open for purchase and will be so until January 3rd 23:59:59 GMT! The gift opening event is currently set to take place starting after the closure of ticket purchases! Happy New Year!

Grab your tickets HERE!

Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter or Discord to be notified of the exact times when it begins!

How can I participate?

You can currently purchase your NFT ticket to the event using ETH on our website!

The ticket cost is 0.5 ETH, you will receive an NFT from the event, as well we will be airdropping a special reNFT event NFT to all participants after the conclusion of the event.

Simply connect your wallet, then click “Buy” on the ticket, and have sufficient funds (0.5 ETH) in your wallet!

Grab a ticket here.

Chainlink VRF Integration — A technical overview

An extremely important component is Chainlink’s VRF. Duh. No surprises there. You want verifiable on-chain randomness? Chainlink is it. Chainlink VRF is an on-chain random number generation (RNG) solution that nobody including Chainlink oracle nodes, external entities, or reNFT developers can tamper with. It enables a provably fair and on-chain verifiable source of secure randomness that any user can independently audit. This allows us to prove to our Holiday Game players that the valuable gift NFTs are randomly distributed, ensuring each player a fair chance to receive a significant reward.

It works by implementing two functions in your contract:

(i) to initiate the request for randomness

We ask the Chainlink VRF contract to provide us with entropy in the last line. You can check out the code in our GitHub repo. It does not matter what you name your own function, but you must inherit from the VRFConsumerBase to be able to call requestRandomness. Chainlink does its magic and gives back an unbiased random number.

(ii) we receive it by implementing a second function

The above gets called by Chainlink upon the fulfilment of our request for randomness. We now use this number to slice it and dice it to give every player a unique number. The order in which they will unwrap the NFT gifts.

Future Chainlink Integrations

We have quite a few future integration ideas involving Chainlink VRF as well as other Chainlink oracle solutions.

Given we have quite the roadmap in the NFT space, we can happily say we plan to use the Chainlink Network throughout it. There are many applications for on-chain randomness, which is incredibly important for true decentralization and true trustless contracts.

“The White Elephant Holiday Game is a fun way for the reNFT team to showcase NFTs to the wider crypto community, and show our commitment to secure, on-chain gaming and financial products by using Chainlink VRF,” said Co-Founder & CEO Nick Vale.

About the reNFT team

What is reNFT?

reNFT is a protocol layer that enables peer to peer renting of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). reNFT enables holders of NFT assets to put them to work by renting out gaming assets to use in blockchain gaming experiences, digital art, or any other NFT asset.

Further, reNFT opens an avenue for users to temporarily use NFTs they otherwise do not want to purchase. A user can rent an NFT by simply staking collateral + the predetermined price as well as entering a desired lease duration.

Read more about reNFT

Check out our latest project update

The reNFT vision expands upon multiple areas in the non-fungible world, including ultimately bringing rentable off-chain assets on-chain. We have a broader vision and this is just the beginning!

Our Team

Co-Founder/CEO — Nick Vale

Nick has been building companies and products for over 10 years now. He has built many different teams and led game development projects to the “#1 best selling of all time” and “#3 best selling of all time” spots for Microsoft, among several private game development studios (Total Miner: Forge, Miner of Duty).

Nick currently works in the NFT world on the marketing team at The Sandbox Game, one of the leading blockchain gaming projects. This is where his love for NFTs initially developed and why he is currently voxelized.

At reNFT Nick handles all things related to product management, marketing, and really helps steer direction of the overall roadmap. Think all things besides development!

Co-Founder/CTO — Naz

This is how Naz would look like if he were a cartoon protagonist, according to his girlfriend.

Naz worked as a quant in a hedge fund in London, interrupted by a short stint at a crypto fund, and lastly worked for a wealth manager before leaving all that finance world to pursue full-time NFT upliftment and crypto awakening.

Naz can be usually reached 20 hours of the day as he doesn’t seem to sleep much, and is normally head down in code.

Co-Founder/Head of Contracts — Apoorv Lathey

This is Apoorv’s Discord likeness, and as far as we can tell this is how he looks in real life.

This is how he looks like when he is offline. When Apoorv is online, he will tell you from the five minutes of looking at your contract that it is messed up and he can hack it. Apoorv is phenomenal. Be like Apoorv.

Apoorv is one of the best smart contract developers around and currently handles smart contract developments at

Interested in joining reNFT?

We are actively looking to expand our team 😎. Shoot us a message on any of our socials to get involved in any capacity! *We especially are seeking some front-end wizards*

Join us and keep up as we gear towards mainnet!

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the most widely used and secure way to power universal smart contracts. With Chainlink, developers can connect any blockchain with high-quality data sources from other blockchains as well as real-world data. Managed by a global, decentralized community of hundreds of thousands of people, Chainlink is introducing a fairer model for contracts. Its network currently secures billions of dollars in value for smart contracts across the decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance and gaming ecosystems, among others.

Chainlink is trusted by hundreds of organizations to deliver definitive truth via secure, reliable data feeds. To learn more, visit, subscribe to the Chainlink newsletter, and follow @chainlink on Twitter.

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