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Get to Know: Castle Crush ⚔️

Castle Crush is a mobile game produced by Wildlife Studios, a top ten worldwide mobile game studio. Castle Crush has been live since 2016 with over 1.4 million monthly active users Wildlife Studios recently made the move to begin integrating NFTs and tokens into the game. With over 75 million lifetime downloads, Castle Crush’s blockchain release made it one of the largest projects in the space by player base.

What’s Castle Crush all about?

Castle Crush is a real-time 1v1 Player versus Player (PVP) game where players deploy Minion and Spell Cards from their deck to defeat their opponent’s defenses and crush their Castle!

Players unlock Trophies and Castles as they advance through the game by defeating their opponents in matchmaking. Once players advance far enough in matchmaking to unlock the Black Citadel castle and access to the Forge, they are able to join Leagues — seasons lasting three weeks where players battle to climb the ladder, level up to try and hold the coveted Legend title, which only one player can hold at time.

Build. Forge. Battle.

The NFT cards are the new highest-level card available in-game, and users can acquire them by purchasing outright, renting them, or earning through gameplay progression. Cards have four tiers of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Using NFT cards in your deck doesn’t just make users more powerful, but also enables them to earn the in-game Castle Crush token, Ascension Crystals ($ACS), by winning matches each day. This incentivizes players to be engaged and competitive.

Ascend & Play to Own

There are two components to Castle Crush: Ascended Cards and Ascension Crystals ($ACS).

Ascended Cards and their limited edition counterparts — Founder Cards — are the key to earning $ACS and collecting in-game token rewards. Each is attainable through their corresponding Ascended Chests.

Battle & Earn

Players that own and play with NFT Cards will earn $ACS daily. Depending on the Player’s ranking in the League and the Rarity Tier of their cards, players can earn many multiples on their daily $ACS reward.

For example, the best player in a 3-week season using a single Founder card earns a 110% multiplier on up to 384 Ascension Points, while a non-League Player with a Common Tier card earns no multiplier on up to 16 Ascension Points. Each day, an $ACS pool up to 415,000 $ACS is distributed proportionally to the amount of Ascension Points each player has earned.

Ascension Crystals

Ascension Crystals ($ACS) are a new in-game currency that players will be able to earn from daily in-game rewards, seasonal rewards, tournaments, and selling NFTs. $ACS will also be the currency used by players to mint and upgrade cards as well as unlock in-game events.

It takes a team (Who’s behind Castle Crush?)

Founded by brothers Victor and Arthur Lazarte, and Michael Mac-Vicar, Wildlife Studios is a Brazilian unicorn and one of the world’s largest mobile gaming companies. In over ten years, it has launched some of the most popular free-to-play mobile games currently on the market, such as Castle Crush, Sniper 3D, Zooba, Sky Warriors, ‎Suspects, and ‎Tennis Clash, to name a few.

In March 2022, Wildlife expanded into Web3 gaming by bringing its flagship title, Castle Crush, to the Avalanche blockchain.

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