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Apr 29 · 3 min read

Renga is looking to hire a Shopify Developer to lead development on our Shopify website projects. Ecommerce is such an important part of the brand experience today, we need an expert that can help bring our brand strategy, visual design, and storytelling to life through thoughtfully built Shopify stores.

This is a role for someone who understands client work and deadlines. Agency experience is preferred. We need to see that you have a track record of working with various brands.

Renga is a small brand strategy & design studio from the Toronto Area. We get excited about building brands for our clients and launching them into the world. We are a remote team, meaning we work in various locations. That being said, we have a lively culture that does it’s best to create that in-office connection.

We love working with people who bring a unique set of interests or experiences to the creative table. Your ability to both adapt to and shape our process is essential.

About the Job

A Senior Shopify Developer at Renga is someone who understands the power of a great online store. It’s not just about making things work, it’s about developing a story that helps build the relationship between the customer and the brand. Your role will involve working closely with our strategy and design team to ensure that what is being designed is developed properly. Day to day, you will be working within Shopify implementing and improving existing themes, creating new stores from scratch, adding new functionalities, fixing bugs, testing new features, and helping with research.

Here are the types of skills you are going to need to be successful in this position:

  • Strong knowledge of liquid programming language
  • HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/React
  • Knowledgeable in security / personal data protection principles and GPDR
  • Developing testing plans and troubleshooting issues related to eCommerce issues
  • Experience with implementing/debugging 3rd party Shopify apps as well as creating custom solutions if necessary
  • Experience with Shopify’s object/properties, AJAX API, and Meta fields

About You

You’re curious about the world. Curiosity is a core value here at Renga and it’s something we look for in all our people. The desire to want to know HOW and WHY are the questions that lead our process and allow us to do our best work.

You’re confident in what you do. We want someone who believes in their ideas, who is proud of their work, and excited to share it with the team for feedback.

You’re experienced. We need someone that has a proven track record of building and launching brands.

You’re able to adapt. At Renga we are constantly learning. It could be a new tool, a new industry, or working with a new colleague. We need someone that can handle change and thrive in it.

You’re comfortable with a remote team.We mainly communicate and collaborate through Slack, Figma, Whereby, Google Drive and several other tools. We want someone who can work in a decentralized environment and make themselves known.

Why Apply?

You’re looking to join a small team. We’re not a huge agency. To be honest, we’d prefer to stay that way. We believe we are most effective with a quality team of people who love working together.

You hate micromanagement. We thrive in a flexible work environment, giving you the space to do your best work in the way that fits you. We want to hire people who are good at what they do and then trust them to do it.

You want to take on more responsibility. As a relatively young team, everyone plays a role in shaping our processes and laying the groundwork for the next 5–10 years. We’re not looking for people who aren’t excited about our potential.

You want to expand and develop your skill set. Maybe you’ve been doing the same few tasks over and over again in your current role and are looking to do more. We want to make space for you to take on jobs that stretch you and help you become better.

How to apply

If you’re interested in this position and want to hear more, please send me a link to your portfolio, different Shopify stores you’ve built, as well as your resume to You can learn more about our work and team at

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Renga, a brand strategy & design studio based in Toronto

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